Part 1. Spiritual.

A lot of men think that the size of their manhood and endurance during sex are the qualities that an ideal lover must have. However, women refute this stereotype. They say that an ideal lover is the one who makes them shiver with desire by his look only. The ideal lover’s actions are so good that «the logical end» in bed is necessary, but absolutely not important. A woman feels the man from the first sight, his every move or word. That is why when you learn to satisfy a woman without sex, you will be able to call yourself an ideal lover.

Do you want to know how to do it? You are welcome to read this article and learn how to become an ideal lover even before sex.

Attitude to women.

No matter what a woman’s behaviour is like, how many wrinkles there are on her face and problems in her life, a real man must take her as a little girl, who wants to play and show that she is obedient. That means she has to be spoiled, and her ideas must be supported by a man. However when she becomes capricious, like an affectionate father you will put her in place carefully. In such a case a woman will let you be responsible, and leave herself a chance to feel like a careless child, who can do silly things, which you will like a lot. She will trust you and want to get your praise. That is why she will try to look great and do the right things for you.

Lover’s responsibility.

There are two types of lovers: young weak boys and responsible men. The first type is purseys controlled by powerful women, while the second type is much difficult to tame which makes it desirable. That is why you must understand that you are a responsible man, who has his own business and a woman, who you can help. However you will not run to her at her first call, but make everything so that spending time with you will be special for her. Because if she understands that you cannot spend much time together, she will appreciate every minute spent with you and prepare for every date thoroughly.

Manners of an ideal lover.

Not many women like men who are in a hurry all the time and make fuss as well as the ones who are careless. That is why you must act with clear sightedness and not hurry. Show her that you have time and are ready to wait as much time as she needs to get ready. Believe it or not, but when a woman is beside a desirable man, who is careful and gentle, she has a strong wish to teach such an obedient boy something bad.

Romance and love.

The only way for women to get true satisfaction from sex means having sex with a man she loves and who will love her in bed. That is why your initial aim is not to win a girl to make sex with her, but to win her heart, so that she would passionately give herself to you.

Your every action must be romantic and a bit magical. Presents and special places do not matter. Your words and the atmosphere you create will do everything for you.

So, if you follow these tips, you will manage to win the most precious prize – a woman’s heart and soul, which will open you the divine door to the woman’s bed. And if you want to know what you should do to save your face in bed, you will find something interesting for yourself in the second part of the article.