How to become an ideal lover?

A lot of men think that endurance and duration during sex are the characteristics of ideal lovers. However, women refute this stereotype. They say that a great lover is the one who makes them shiver with desire by his look only. That is why when you learn to satisfy a woman not only between the bed sheets, you will be the best lover. It is easy to get caught up with routine and forget about intimacy, which is fundamental in gaining sexual satisfaction in bed with a partner.

Do you want to know what is a characteristic of a good lover? You are welcome to read this article and learn how to become the perfect lover even before sex.
Attitude to women.

Making compliments is such an effective way of pleasing girls. Show affection more often, make her feel special. Have a light kiss before you leave for work, hug when you come back and tell how much you missed her during the day. Seems like simple things, but many people forget doing it especially when they live together for a long time. She is going to look great for you, surprise you with new sexy lingerie and a wonderful dinner. Reciprocation is important. Make her feel happy and she is going to give you more in return.

Manners of an ideal lover

Not many women like men who are in a hurry all the time and make fuss as well as the ones who are careless. That is why you must not hurry. Show her that you have time and are ready to wait as much time as she needs to get ready. Believe it or not, but when a woman is beside a desirable person, who is careful and gentle, she has a strong wish to teach you something naughty in bed.

Romance and love.

The only way to get true satisfaction from sex means having sex with a man she loves and who will love her in bed. That is why your initial aim is not to win a girl to make sex with her, but to win her heart, so that she would passionately give herself to you.
Your every action must be romantic and a bit magical. Presents and special places do matter. Your words and the atmosphere you create are important. Arrange an unexpected romantic date night with candlelight, romantic music, rose petals and champagne or rent a luxurious suite, so you can enjoy relaxing with your beloved one. Changing a setting contributes to a greater sex life.

Men are always considered to be leaders in relationship. Becoming a better lover is not difficult as you may think if you follow these tips:

  1. Appearance. Physical activity helps to improve your masculine attractive body, it boosts your endurance and makes you fit. A lady is going to be pleased by a strong touch. Having a light nice scent of perfumes is going to boost the desire. Feeling embarrassed of your own body can make sex uncomfortable and unpleasant. No one is perfect, even if you don`t have six packs, it is absolutely fine, accepting your body is the key to successful intimate life.
  2. Slow down when making love to a woman, it is not a marathon, which you have to run as quickly as possible and there are no competitors next to you, satisfy the needs of your significant one, she needs more time than you. Adjusting and keeping tempo is really important.
  3. Be creative. You should diversify your intimate life, break out the daily sex routine. Repetitive actions do not work here. Do not press the same buttons like an elevator waiting for the same effect. Come up with new ideas, movements, vary the speed and pressure. But don`t experiment something just because it is fashionable and you saw it in porn, buying all the appliances and intimate toys you have no idea how to use. Because instead of making love, you will sit and read instructions how to use it.
  4. Be gentle. When dealing with sensitive parts of the body, avoid rough pinches unless you know she likes it.
  5. Do you like when a lady moans showing her satisfaction during the process? She would like to hear some sounds from you too or words of appreciation: “Oh, it feels good”.
  6. Make sure the place you are making love at is warm, don`t make it a sauna though. She is likely to get pleasure in a heated room rather than in cold.
  7. Be decisive. If you are shy and you don`t know what you are doing, it will reflect on her mood. Explore and you will find out, don`t be afraid. Female body is magical, it is a musical instrument and you should learn how to play it to hear the music. You are the one who adjusts the volume of an audio system.
  8. Build trust. She should trust your actions, it takes a long time to earn and when she believes you 100 %, she is not afraid of experiments, because you are the firm ground and the leader.
  9. Being open. Don`t think that everything is already explored, there is always a room for something new, listen to your partner`s interests and desires and be open to talk about yours.
  10. Don`t imitate porn, it doesn’t always reflect reality. Porn is not showing what a real sexual encounter brings, it should look good for the camera, so take things naturally.

So, if you follow these tips, you manage to win the most precious prize – a woman’s heart and soul, which opens you the divine door to the woman’s pleasure.