Let us imagine a situation: your matchmaker has found you several ladies from Ukraine who you liked. The next step for you is to meet these ladies from Ukraine. Your number one task is to decide if there is the one you would like to share your life with, and if you meet such a girl, your task is to find the ways to make a good impression on her and charm her. To help you do this, I have asked my friends, ladies from Ukraine, of course, to tell me what a man should do to win their hearts.  

Oksana: Well, if you ask me what a man can do to get me charmed, I will tell you that he must not invent a bicycle. To win my heart, he must make me understand that he is interested in me by spending time with me and showing that he is ready to be my knight.

Juliya: Oh, I am not sure I want to tell you all… but I can give a hint. What I do want from a man is to try to surprise me. I never want to tell him what I want him to do. I want him to make decisions, and I truly hope that what he decides will please me. Maybe, I am not right, but if a man feels my «inside» without asking questions, then he is my ONE!

Elena: What makes me want to meet a man more and more, and what attracts me, is when a man shows some creative skills. If he can sing or writes poetry, or if he can recite some lines from a romantic poem, he will definitely win my heart.

Mariya: I will not tell you what a man must do to win my heart; I will tell you what he must not do to lose my attention. Most of all I dislike when a man is selfish and stubborn. I cannot even think of dating someone who will constantly be saying: «I am so good, I am so handsome and smart. » I will be happy to listen to him telling about his achievements, but there must be some limit to it, and what he tells me must be relevant.

Yevgeniya: Oh, what I think is important for a man is to be able to understand me. I will be so happy if, when I have some problems, my man will listen to me and understand. I want him to be my best friend.

Valya: What can a man do to charm me? Well, I truly believe that attention is very important. If he makes some little surprises for me (no matter if these are flowers or toys) their price is not important. And I also like when a man is interested in my hobbies. I will be glad to hold a discussion with a man who knows something about dancing and understands the difference between the slow waltz and Viennese waltz.

Me (Valeriya): My advice will be on what not to do to make me think I want to be with the person. I really do not like when a man insists on me doing something, when I do not want to, or if he makes me do something that I do not like. My dear men, if you think that what you offer to do will be useful to your lady from Ukraine, try to explain all the pros to her. I am sure, if she is sensible, she will understand you and then decides whether she will do this or not. Oh, and there is another thing that makes me mad. If a man walks with a Ukrainian lady and flirts with other women, or answers to other women’s flirting. Such behavior makes me sick and if I ever have a date with a man behaving like this, I will never ever date him again.

In the end, I want to tell you, that if you meet ladies from Ukraine which will not give you a positive answer immediately, do not give up at once. Of course, as I have already written, do not force ladies from Ukraine to do something. Just try to make lady from Ukraine understand that you are ready to be her friend and wait a bit. At least this will give you a chance to be beside her so that she may see what kind of person you are and, maybe even fall in love with you. Be yourself and if she likes the real you, then both of you will be happy together.