How to Date a Model

Sometimes I prefer to buy items online. One day I went through a few websites, in particular, Victoria’s Secret because, in my humble opinion, they give a great opportunity to purchase good sportswear. After looking at pretty girls wearing exquisite pants, I decided to google international services offering dating a model girl and explaining how to pick up and date a supermodel. There were lots of fascinating women in their twenties. Most of them looked like Victoria’s Secret Angels, however, I couldn’t tell for sure — I knew Photoshop could do wonders. What I’d like to highlight is that radical changes in pictures are possible due to a vast number of different editing applications. Therefore, you hardly can trust all the models’ photos for dating online.

Anyway, to have a chance to look at most of the pictures I had to register on dating websites. I was asked to give my name and my contact details (email, to be more exact). Well, it took me 12 minutes to register Tom Cruise. After that, I spent half an hour looking at long legs, bright smiles, straight teeth, blue and green eyes, gorgeous fair hair, etc. If I wanted to date a model, I would probably be curious to know more about women on the sites, for instance, their age, marital status, their preferences, etc.
One of my male clients, let’s call him Andrew was sure that in Ukraine hot 20-somethings were dreaming of finding someone special in other countries, that they all played a musical instrument, interested in foreign languages, had two or three university degrees, they weren’t keen on expensive presents and wanted to love their international boyfriend with all their heart. I’d like to emphasize that Andrew was in his late forties. He worked as a financial consultant at a small Austrian company, had never gone to the gym (and had a nice belly), owned a lovely tiny apartment, was a big fan of junk food, and spent his evening sitting over his laptop. He sent me pictures of a few “Victoria’s Secret Angels” from dating sites when I asked him what ladies were attractive, from his point of view.

One of them seemed to be Ieva Paulikaityte, a model from Lithuania who immigrated to Ireland a few years ago. The other one was likely to be the 24-year-old model Barbara Ralvin, born in Budapest Hungary. Having a successful career, she modeled for H&M and had associations with Louis Vuitton and Chanel. The picture was actually what she featured on her official Twitter page. Or what about Candice Swanepoel, a charming blond who is engaged with a handsome young man who probably lives in a gym? Or Behati Prinsloo who married a singer with the most masculine shoulders in the world?

Answering the question of where to find models to date, I would say in our database there are some models and even Ukrainian beauty queens. For example, once I interviewed the Ukrainian actress and model at the airport while she was flying from Kyiv to Paris. One of my clients, 38 years old, a successful photographer and famous US journalist, who was keen on swimming and skiing and visited more than a hundred countries all over the world got married to her. At the moment they are parents of two sweet sons.
Another gentleman, the artist who had an extremely successful business and was obsessed with surfing and healthy food, was dating Ukrainian younger ladies who looked like models, due to our assistance.

We work with a wide variety of different girls who are currently working as designers, realtors, managers, dentists, teachers, administrators, doctors, etc. For some of them, their future partner’s education is of particular importance, for the others his values and goals, especially related to kids and family, are vital. Nevertheless, for a vast majority of Ukrainian women, his appearance is also important.

Obviously, you may have heard tons of successful love stories about a beautiful 20-something whose husband is a 70 years millionaire. To be honest, powerful men do have a weakness to sexy women. However, they seem to be attractive due to their extraordinary achievements and money.

Interviewing potential matches for my male clients, I’d like to add I’ve never met a girl saying, “I speak English fluently. I’m 21, I’m an avid reader with a university degree, keen on traveling. I’m dreaming of dating a man in his fifties from a small town in South Carolina, working as an accountant.”

The truth is that in our country you’re able to date a younger woman, but it’s a myth that Ukrainian girls are eager to date older foreigners. While searching for one on your own you risk becoming desperate.

Looking for yoga clothes at Victoria’s Secret website I fully understand the models’ body type, her skin color and height differ from mine. Looking for a young model, think carefully about why she chooses you and whether her intentions are honest. Some local models, in particular, “rent” their photos to different dating sites to attract clients. Let me remind you — where you invest your love, you invest your life.