How to say compliments in Ukrainian

It goes without saying that receiving lovely compliments about a great sense of humor, for instance, a nice dress or a warm smile helps a lady feel comfortable and more confident. Offering little delicate compliments is a real art. If you improve this useful skill, you will be able to communicate effectively, metaphorically speaking, putting coal on your fire, offering nip of gin when the air turns cold. There are plenty of Ukrainian romantic words and love phrases to give compliments. If you can’t find appropriate words and would like to learn more about Ukrainian words of love, we’ll be thrilled to assist.

Hope, you couldn’t agree more that girls are big fans of romantic phrases in any language and culture, Ukrainian women are not exceptions. Therefore, trying to show your interest and care, start with saying something pleasant. However, what should you do, if you both speak different languages? What terms of endearment should you use? Should you decide to choose our matchmaking agency, our professional interpreter will be able to help. Anyway, it would be a great idea to learn how to offer compliments in the Ukrainian language. Here you will be offered with a list of short sentences to surprise your girlfriend.

Nevertheless, let us remind you that you should be honest. Your nice words should come from your heart. You’d better be tolerant and respectful, avoiding negative comments related to religion, politics, nationality or skin color. Be more specific to highlight their personal traits. It is highly suggested not to compare your better half with your exes. It would be the worst strategy! Even saying something like “my sweetheart, you’re much better in bed than my old flame” is a wrong approach.

It’s a well-known fact that practice makes perfect. One of the best ways to make it a habit is practicing. Do not hesitate to give a person a compliment, if your female friend or colleague has got a new haircut. The essential point in this case is that you’d better refrain from sexual or intimate context. What should be emphasized is that before saying something you should keep all the aspects in mind.

To sum up, it would be our pleasure to get you acquainted with beneficial phrases that can make any lady from Ukraine smile. In case you are wondering how to say “I love you” in Ukrainian, our tips would be really helpful.

You don’t need makeup. You look gorgeous! — Tobí ne potríben makíyazh. Ty chudovo vyhliadaesh.
Your beauty makes me speechless! —Ty taka harna, shcho v mene nemaye sliv.
Beautiful in Ukrainian — Harna / Privablyva
My sweetheart — Moye serdenko
My baby — Moya krykhitka
You look stunning in that dress. — Ty pryholomshlyva v tsiy sukni.
You make me crazy! — Ty zvodysh mene z rozumu!
I love how sensual you are. — Meni podobayetsia tvoya chuttievist.
You are passionate and gentle. — Ty prystrasna ta nizhna.
You are the sweetest. — Ty naimylisha.
You are incredible! — Ty neimovirna.
You are the best woman in the world. — Ty naikrashcha zhinka u sviti.
You look great. — Chudovo vyhliadaesh!
You are extremely gifted. — Ty neimovirno talanovyta.
I like that you are a creative person. — Ty tvorcha — tse meni podobaietsia.
I feel happy here with you. — Z toboyu ya shchaslyvyi.
To me, you are perfect. — Yak na mene, ty idealna.
You are my greatest adventure. — Ty moya naibilsha pryhoda.
I love every inch of you. — Meni podobayetsia kozhna chastynka tebe.
You make me feel so full in my heart and in my soul. — Zavdiaky tobi moyi dusha ta sertse napovneni.
You smell so nice. — Ty pryiemno pakhnesh.
I’m excited looking at you smile. — Tvoya posmishka vyklykaye zakhoplennia.
I can see how passionate you are about your job. — Bachu, tebe naspravdi zakhopliuye tvoya robota.
You are an amazing mother. — Ty dyvovyzhna mama.
My life so much more interesting with you. — Ty robysh moye zhyttia nabahato tsikavishym.

We bet any of these simple sentences makes a Ukrainian lady feel a little bit happier. Certainly, you have to realize it isn’t enough to learn all of them and repeat every second. Make sure that your compliment is an appropriate one. What type of message would you like to convey? Do you want to emphasize your girlfriend’s appearance, her personal traits or accomplishments? However, don’t be afraid to sound weird, because it’s one of the easiest ways to melt someone’s heart and make a lady think “oh, he’s a nice guy, I really like him.”