I hope you will agree that a woman is a creature that likes compliments and nice words. That is why, when you want to make something pleasant and show that you care about a woman, you start with saying something good about her. But what shall you do if you and your woman speak different languages? How can you tell her that she is gorgeous? Of course, if you have a date with a Ukrainian girl from a matchmaking agency, you will be kindly helped by an interpreter, but… if you can also learn some phrases in Ukrainian to surprise your woman. So, if you think you can learn a couple of Ukrainian phrases to make a compliment to your Ukrainian date, this article is just for you. In it you will find a short English-Ukrainian vocabulary of the compliments you can make to a Ukrainian woman.

But before helping you with translating and saying whatever nice you want to say, I would like you to remember that every compliment you make must:

  1. Be true-to-life. If not, the girl will not trust you and see you as a miserable liar.
  2. Come from the bottom of your heart, rather than be a mixture of good words.
  3. Be simple and beautiful, but not too exquisite or sophisticated because this will alarm your girl and make her treat you with distrust.
  4. Be made enthusiastically and with belief in what you are saying.

That is what you must keep in mind before saying something to a girl. And now, let me offer you some compliments, which can make a Ukrainian girl smile and feel your attitude to her. You will see an English expression and its transcription (the way it is pronounced) in Ukrainian.

  1. Your eyes are making me crazy! – Tvoyi ochi zvodiat mene z rozumu!
  2. Your eyes are a mystery that I want to uncover. – Tvoyi ochi tse zahadka yaku ya hochu vidhadaty.
  3. You look amazing. – Ty prekrasno vygliadayesh.
  4. You are so gentle. – Ty taka nizhna.
  5. You are so passionate. – Ty duzhe prystrasna.
  6. You are so sexy in this dress. – Ty taka sexualna v tsomy platti.
  7. You are so sweet. – Ty taka myla.
  8. You are the most romantic woman I have ever met! – Ty sama romantychna zhinka yaku ya zustrichav.
  9. You are the most perfect woman in the world. – Ty sama idealna zhinka v sviti.
  10. You are easy to talk to. – Z toboyu legko rozmovliaty.
  11. You have great hair. – V tebe garne volossia.
  12. You are very talented. – Ty duzhe talanovyta.
  13. I like your creativity. – Meni podobaietsia shcho ty tvorcha osobystist.
  14. You are cool. – Ty klasna.
  15. You look stunning today. – Ty vygliadayesh prechudovo siogodni.
  16. I love your smile. It has brightened my day. – Meni podobaietsia tvoya posmishka. Vona zrobyla miy den yaskravym.
  17. I think you’re the best version of yourself you could be. – Meni zdaietsia ty idealna i tobi ne treba nichogo zminyuvatu v sobi.
  18. I love talking with you. – Meni podobaietsia z toboyu hovoryty.
  19. There is something about you. – V tobi shchos ye.
  20. You are so feminine. – Ty taka zhinochna.

These are top 20 compliments I would be happy to hear from a man. Of course, you must not think that you have to learn them all and use every minute. I assure you that it will be fantastic if you say from two to five compliments during your date at the right time, your woman will definitely stunned and her heart will melt. Do not be afraid to sound strange, with an accent or say the word a bit incorrectly. Such things please us, women and make us think that “this guy is really sweet”.