Do you want to make your date perfect and your Ukrainian beauty like you? If so, this article will help you learn how to make compliments to ladies from Ukraine.

It is well known that men love with their eyes, whereas women love with their ears. Not only ladies from Ukraine, but also women all around the world, like to hear compliments, praise or just receive attention from a man. They are like cats: if they like what a man says, they purr with pleasure, but if a man says something that a woman will consider tactless, she will immediately turn into a fierce panther. It is not so easy to make compliments, but it is possible to learn how to do it; and, what is more important, your compliments must be sincere and come from the bottom of your heart.

Making compliments is a science and like every science, it has its history and even myths. I would like to devote this part to it.

Myth 1. You must not make a compliment to a woman because by doing this you will rise her status and lower yours. However, if you think for a moment and evaluate the situation reasonably, you will see what women’s reaction to compliments is like. If you make a good and an apt compliment, your lady from Ukraine will be absolutely happy and will not even think of anything like rising her status. Compliments usually let you bring out interest in your person, and they are also a good instrument for seduction!

Myth 2. A compliment is an instrument for getting acquainted with a woman. And many wise pickupers say that if you want to find out a girl’s name, just come up to her, say something to start a conversation, say something nice and you will get what you want. However, I would recommend you to use compliments at a date, when you already know what to talk about and have learnt something about your woman. In this way, your compliments will be more sincere and unobtrusive. Since all ladies from Ukraine are used to hearing compliments when men want to get acquainted with them, this tactics will not work.

Myth 3. A man must make a compliment to a woman to make her like him. It is true that a compliment can be used to rise a woman’s interest in you, however if your aim is only to make a woman like you, if it will not be a sincere wish to say something nice to your date, the compliment will turn into flattery and have just the opposite effect. Moreover, you must make compliments only to ladies from Ukraine or their qualities that you really liked.

But be careful, if you are making compliments to a lady all the time, this will look unnatural and discourage her from communicating with you, because women’s intuition is highly developed and she will feel dishonesty immediately. You must say a compliment inadvertently, as if not on purpose, but with confidence. When you have made a compliment, better change the subject of the conversation, because if you are repeating how beautiful your lady from Ukraine is, she will look at you like at a troublesome fly.

As you can see, one must know how to make a compliment and has to learn to make it. There even exist special rules and schemes of how to find and say the words that will be pleasant for ladies from Ukraine to hear. So in the second part of the article you will have a chance to find out about what kinds of compliments exist, what you can say, which topics should not be touched and how to make your compliment work.