How to start a good conversation for a first date?

Wondering what you do not have to say or talk about or what to discuss on a first date? There are tons of articles out there telling you what topics to avoid on a romantic rendezvous, but we are going to consider exactly the opposite and offer some useful conversation tips for first dates.

Here are some things you absolutely have to bring up in your good or even meaningful conversations for a first date to avoid awkward silence, etc.

1. Food and drinks, likes and dislikes
Wondering how to talk to a girl on your first date? What are the best first-date conversation starters? Ask open-ended questions (How do you feel.. ? What do you like in terms of…?) related to the lady’s likes and dislikes.

2. Discuss your passions
It doesn’t matter if it’s model airplanes or death metal or learning how to tie knots, discuss your passions. Let your passions shine through! People are more attractive when they talk about what they are particularly interested in. No one wants to be around a beige killjoy robot who couldn’t get thrilled. The lady will realize who she is dealing with and you’ll get a better idea of whether the two of you vibe or not.
However, let us remind you: you’d better discuss your extraordinary, unusual, or extreme interests later. In particular, one of our clients from Canada, let’s call him Henry, was keen on esotericism, mysticism, and traditional medicine. His date, Natasha worked as an assistant professor of mathematics at the local university and considered herself an agnostic, so she felt uncomfortable when the man asked her if she wanted to perform some magic rites after their dinner.

3. Mention a cool article or book you read, video or movie you watched
It could be a new scientific discovery, some funny prank, interesting fact, or anything else that interests you. It is especially useful for expressing who you are while also testing her interests.

4. Your hobbies and occupation
According to researchers, top of the list for women is a well-traveled man interested in fitness who likes going to the theater, while men are eager to find a cosmopolitan photographer who works out. A passion for travel fulfills the need for variety, connection and growth, whilst a love of the theater or photography indicates a creative spirit. In an era where singles are time-poor, our interests work as indicators, revealing our overall approach to love.

5. Ask to share her favorite memory and tell about the funniest or craziest situation you faced
This topic would lighten up the mood and reveal what makes you both happy. Whether it is spending some quality time with friends, family, traveling, professional success, or some other life goal — your favorite memory would help you understand the person better.

6. Your family and friend circle
Ask a girl about her family life. These are the people who shaped, molded, raised, and quite literally created the person who is sitting in front of you. Our familial situations as well as our friends have a massive impact on our lives.
Nevertheless, don’t forget family issues are a subtle topic. If you see that the girl feels a little out of place (her parents divorced when she was a child, her brother died, she was raised by her granny, etc.) don’t be too pushy, be tactful. Besides, our former partners and kids from previous marriages are part of our family, too. Therefore, you should feel out the lay of the land.

7. Hopes and dreams
You are not going to start picking baby names before you’ve even shared your first entrée, but getting an idea of the other person’s hopes and dreams will really help you to see where she is in life.

8. Talk about your childhood
What were you into as a kid? We all like to think back to those happy or occasionally embarrassing days, getting nostalgic about our childhood hobbies, toys, and friendships.

9. Compliment where and when it is appropriate
This isn’t necessarily a topic, but if you’re on a date with someone it is a high likelihood that she wants to know you’re interested in her. Dropping subtle hints in the form of compliments does the trick, though you don’t need to go overboard or overthink it. You’d better tell her that you like the way she styles her hair, or you admire her passions.

10. Touch on morals and values
Many might think topics that spark right from wrong, or differences in personal opinion, are considered off-limits (and deemed too serious) for first meetings. Like religion and politics. Though, to keep this fairly light-hearted, you can find out the basics by asking: “Do you believe in commitment?” or “How important is an equal partnership to you?”, “What do you value most in a relationship?”, “What do you believe is your purpose?”, “Who is someone you look up to, and why?”, “Do you believe in soulmates?”