Is a coffee date appropriate for the first date with a Ukrainian woman?

Why is going for coffee often considered a good choice for a first date? Needless to say, it requires little planning and zero preparation; the time involved is elastic: it can be 30 minutes to 3 hours; it seems informal and feels less pressured than the so-called formal rendezvous; there are multiple exit strategies. Besides, it’s likely to be the most familiar environment and it’s cheap. It’s believed to be an excellent idea when you want to get to know someone better.

However, when it comes to international dating we are convinced coffee dates are not the best option. Let us remind you that a Ukrainian lady isn’t a typical local girl living next door. Sometimes you have to cross the ocean to see her and wait long before you get acquainted with a woman personally. Therefore, thinking about the place to take a girl on a date, you should pay particular attention to details and the atmosphere.

A man who goes to our country to find his true love and asks a foreign woman out for coffee looks like he wants to minimize how much time and effort he spends on the rendezvous because he isn’t quite sure how he feels towards the lady. He seems much more interested in protecting his own interests than finding his partner and looks weird, to be honest. Actually, it’s NOT about money, a woman may doubt his serious intentions.

If a gentleman starts out the dating process fully on guard while trying to figure out how soon he can get into her pants, spending as little money as possible, what does it mean? It means the guy is not casually hedging his dating budget on many different women. One dinner or lunch is probably equivalent to four or five coffee dates. You may argue that maybe the guy is not a cheapskate but he just wants to avoid gold diggers. However, context matters. Dinner and lunch are for romance and by avoiding coffee with Slavic girls, you win. Men who are seeking a genuine romantic relationship do not do this because they see the big picture.

Women are extremely intuitive. If a man is interested in a lady, he will want to know how to impress a girl and would be happy to take her out to dinner or lunch at a lovely dining establishment to give her an opportunity to wear the best dress and do her hair. He brings fascinating flowers to make her feel special. The restaurant doesn’t have to be the fanciest and the most expensive one, but it shows some genuine sincerity.

Ukrainian dating culture seems to be a little bit old-fashioned, but if you decide to find a loyal and dedicated wife who shares traditional family values, chivalry should become your friend. Furthermore, it’ll give you a unique chance to experience an exciting romantic adventure and create memories.

There are plenty of useful tips on how a person should behave on the first date for men. A romantic rendezvous often starts out a bit awkwardly, but if you’re lucky, you both loosen up throughout the meeting and enjoy getting to know a new person — one who might turn into a long-term romantic interest. You might wonder what to do on a first date to make it memorable and enjoyable, and hopefully, lead to a second date. With a little forethought and planning, you can ensure that this first encounter goes as well as it possibly can.