Is it true that women only date good looking guys?

Maybe you have been in a dating world for quite some time and failed a couple of times. Now you are thinking that the reason is that you are not handsome enough and women like dating only physically attractive men. Maybe you consider yourself average-looking, so does it mean you have no chance of finding a soulmate?

I cannot say that physical attraction makes no difference, but I can definitely say it is not the most important thing. It does matter to a certain extent. To get attention from females, you should take care of your appearance. Each person can do it by developing his own style, being neat and looking smart.

The instant spark as well as chemistry between two people either it is in person or on a dating app happens based on a physical attraction. It is true that initially girls choose men by appearance. If they scroll a dating app, they likely choose a well-built handsome male`s profile and are tempted to start a conversation with him. But relationships don’t limit to appearance only. If besides looks, a guy has nothing to offer there is no hope for long term relationship.

I have interviewed some girls and they expressed their opinions:

1. Marina (31 years old). Dating a good-looking guy is a must. I won`t date a guy, who doesn`t attract me in a sexual way. He must be a well-built dark-haired man. But if he is not intelligent, romantic, witty and caring, I would never have relationship with him. I want to have meaningful conversations, exchange world news and discuss different things with him.

2. Kate (29). Appearance can be a deal breaker. I don’t put it on the top of my priority list. I value such personal characteristics as honesty, trustworthiness, sense of humour, intelligence and respect. As long as a person takes care of his appearance, has a taste in the way he dresses, it is enough. If he can make me laugh and I feel comfortable with the person, he is automatically handsome for me.

3. Jane (35). Dating a very handsome man is a real challenge. Sure he has lots of attention from females and I am not ready for it. Of course there are pros and cons of having relationship with a hot guy. You can share a bed with a hot man, but there are chances that you are not the only lucky one. Sexy genetics are a plus, you can have gorgeous kids. At the beginning, you may enjoy showing off your sexy partner but in time you are going to get irritated by constant attention. No matter how secure you are, it is very annoying. I have had an experience of having a relationship with a hot guy once and I do not want to repeat it anymore. He spent most of the time in the gym training his muscles, tanning to make his body look shining. While shopping, we were spending 80 % of our time for him, because he couldn’t decide what exactly suited him the most. He was using mirrors in our home more than me and I was usually the one ready first if we were planning to go out. So I had enough of it and I will never do it again.

4. Yana (18). Dating attractive guys is very cool. In our school if you are in a relationship with a handsome boy, you are a star! So I definitely want to be one of the lucky ones. I have had my eyebrows and my lips done, so I think I am going to find someone special very soon. My Instagram page looks very sophisticated, I also have a page on Tinder and other apps. I pay attention to cute ones. They like me in return too. But it never gets serious. I wonder what is wrong with me. How to date a hot guy?

5. Fatima (24). I pay attention to looks but it’s not a priority. I started to go out with a boy who didn’t initially attract me physically. But I feel like a little girl in his presence. We have so much in common, I laugh a lot with him and we always have a good time. When I first showed his photo to my friend, she said: “He looks like a small kitten, I don’t like his freckles and I don’t like how you look together on the photos in Instagram”. I was shocked how judgmental people can be without even knowing the person. Instagram pictures become more important than a person himself. I haven’t changed my mind and I love him a lot.

Many females who are really looking for long-term relationships choose the opposite from alpha males.

You should remember that overall attractiveness includes many things that go beyond physical appearance: a good sense of humour, ability to have a positive view on life, intelligence, social status and confidence. Beauty is very subjective and personal. Someone feels attracted to you, someone doesn’t. And it is absolutely normal. You can also take care of your appearance and even if you are not a super model, you will attract girls.

I am going to share with you some tips how to do it:

1. Find your style. Buy new clothes that suit you the best. Ask your best friend whom you can trust to help you if you are not sure yourself.

2. Follow a healthy diet. Extra weight always looks unattractive.

3. Do sports. It is one of the best habits in life.

4. Change your hairstyle.

5. Smile, it is the best outfit that suits absolutely everyone!