Kharkiv in brief

Would you like to make your trip to Ukraine unforgettable? Kharkiv might not seem like one of the most obvious places to visit but it’s definitely worth your time. Where is Kharkiv and how do you find it on the map? It is located in the northeast of the country, lying at the confluence of two rivers. Having been the first capital, nowadays, it’s a large metropolitan city and a major scientific, cultural, industrial and educational center with numerous art galleries, libraries and theatres, churches and cathedrals, museums and cinemas. Its coat of arms given by Catherine II, most commonly known as Catherine the Great, who was the reigning Empress of Russia, has the cornucopia crossed with the rod of Mercury, the god of trade.

Home to over one and a half million people, an airport, many headquarters, communities and educational establishments, you’re sure to find a lifestyle you’ll love. Keep reading to learn some of the top things to see and do in this fascinating city, considered “the city of youth and students.”

From parks and outdoor recreation to swanky theatres and sports venues to a sizzling nightlife, one thing’s for sure: you’ll never run out of things to do in and around. Shevchenko Garden in the heart of downtown is a great place to sit and enjoy the splash park on a warm summer day. If you want to see what the local arts have to offer, there’s the Museum of Art or a number of art spaces, restaurants and theatres that feature artists, plays or musicians. If you’re interested in history, hundreds of artifacts are on display at the Museum of History.

You may enjoy fountains in summer, snow palaces and ice rinks in winter, beautiful women, long walks, a weekly change of scene in any weather, rain or shine; in Kharkiv you’ll be able to find what to do, it seems to be one of the most vibrant places in Ukraine with a mixture of modern life and Soviet buildings.

Almost all the landmarks and attractions are on or near the main route, Sumska Street. Right from impressive Soviet-era squares you’ll be able to walk to a whole roll-call of kid-friendly outings like the action-packed Gorky Park and the Nemo Dolphinarium.

In front of the National Academic Opera and Ballet House you’ll be able to see the UNESCO heritage site — Mirror Stream Fountain. It is considered the symbol of the city, its visiting card. It was constructed in 1947 to celebrate the victory in the Second World War. If you are wondering how a war monument could have such a romantic design, there is a legend. By the way, the fountain isn’t unique. It is the copy of the fountain in Kislovodsk, a Mineral Water resort in Russia. The legend says that Mirror Stream was built by one of Soviet officials for his young lover to memorize their vacation.

In Kharkiv there are plenty of fancy hotels, car rentals are available for at least 21-year-old-aged drivers with a minimum of 2 years of driving experience. Also, it’s easy to rent an apartment daily in Kharkiv. Searching for a big city atmosphere? Instead of the hustle and bustle of Kyiv, come experience the charm that emanates from Kharkiv center.