Kissing tips and techniques

A kiss… what pictures come to your mind when you hear this word? I am sure, it is a pleasant thing to do and it is something we cannot imagine our life without. It seems that we know all about it; however, we have found some interesting facts, which might surprise you. Interested? Then read our article up to the end.

Though it may seem simple, to make it really pleasant one needs some skills and experience. Of course, there are some tips which may help you, however, the most important thing is to listen to your feelings, emotions, follow your heart and, of course, look at your partner’s reaction. In this article we offer you to get acquainted with the best kissing techniques.

I truly believe that a couple or two of historical facts will add taste to the article.

Ancient Egyptians knew nothing about kisses. They rubbed each other’s noses. Can you believe it? The famous Cleopatra, known as men’s heartbreaker, might have never had a real kiss…

In medieval Italy a man who kissed a woman in public, had to marry her. Moreover, in Naples the law was even stricter: if someone was caught doing it in the street, they could be put to prison, or even executed if one of clergymen had seen this sinful act.

In ancient England, there was a custom: during a fair, women took an apple, stuck little carnations into it and offered this apple to the man. The man, in his turn, had to take out a carnation, chew it and then smack the girl. He had no right to refuse and the more carnations there were in an apple, the more smacks the girl could get.

The first kiss was filmed in 1886 in a Tony Edison’s 30-second film. And the first longest one lasted for 3 minutes and 5 seconds. It was a scene from a movie “You are in the Army Now”.

Finally, we cannot help sharing a couple of everyday life facts. I am sure that you will be surprised by some of them.

Believe it or not, but people are not the only living creatures who kiss. Cows, squirrels and even snails do. However, only chimpanzees do it in a way similar to the way we do. The rest of animals just poke each other’s noses.

People, who smooch their partner before going to work every morning, get tired less, what is more, live 5 years longer than those who don’t.

According to a Scientific American magazine research show that more than 65% of people kisses on St Valentine’s day.

Summarizing everything above said I want to emphasize on importance of osculation every single day.

It is always an exciting moment of the first physical interaction, choose an appropriate moment. It should come naturally, it may be at the end of the first date while taking the girl home, but it is better to avoid rough kissing at this stage. How to lean in for the kiss? A little bit of eye contact will make a kissing movement less awkward. Hug your girlfriend and make close eye contact, looking at her lips. Making the first step to your possible relationship, the best way to kiss is to be gentle, do it without any aggression. Do not throw yourself at your partner. Before kissing, freeze for a second and then touch woman` s lips. Now it is very important not to use your tongue. Remember you must be a real gentleman, say a couple of nice words to your lady. It should be like a slow drive, don`t be in rush, go with a middle speed and learn your partner`s feelings.

When you go through the first stage of relationship, you may surely count on intense kiss. Your task is to merge with your partner’s lips. Do not make it too long and when your lips get tired, loosen them, however do not pull your lips away abruptly and sharply. If you do everything correctly, after you will feel pleasant tiredness and bliss, similar to what you feel after a simple work out.

Kissing erotically should be with the help of your tongue touching and caressing your partner’s ear. It is very pleasant and exciting. But bear in mind, it should be in appropriate place, either at home during the foreplay, you may combine it with playful kissing to turn a girl on. Still, you must keep in mind that an ear is a part of the body, which hears very well, so even your breath will be like a thunder rumbling. So, if you went on a kissing your lady with seducing thoughts by caressing her lobe of the ear, do not express unpleasant noises and do not take an earring to your mouth. Even if you do not choke with it, it might unlock and both you and your lady can have a negative experience.

The French kiss, which is well known all around the world, may seem to need no techniques for kissing. However, there is something that you should keep in mind. Everyone knows that during this kiss the partners’ tongues touch each other. They seem to have a small “fight”, but be careful and do not turn this fight into a world war. If your tongue is too strong, your partner may have unpleasant and even painful feelings. So, once again, be gentle.

A pinching kiss is very delicate and appreciated by your partner. To do it correctly, you just need to gently pinch your lady’s lips with your lips. But be careful and do not open your mouth too widely. It is absolutely not necessary.

A sensual kissing should be passionate. It involves pleasant emotions, letting your heartbeat faster. Keep your eyes closed, melting in the moment and creating an aura of love and passion around you. It takes you to another level, you feel happy and satisfied.

A kiss on the hand must not leave your lady indifferent. However, not to spoil it, look through our tips carefully. You must bend down to it and you shouldn`t pull the girl’s hand to your mouth. Kissing intensely must be reasonable and stay on the upper side of your lady’s hand. So, first you lower your eyes, take your girl’s hand delicately. You could also add a couple of compliments and, believe me, she will not be able to stand your charm. It is becoming old fashioned now, you won`t see much of it in the streets. It is more of a gesture of respect and a chivalrous move of a real gentleman.

A talking kiss is the weapon, which has been used by many seducers since Louis XV times. In my opinion, it is one of the sexiest. A man and a woman gently touch each other’s lips and whisper some compliments, tender words, poems, or something “spicy”. So, before starting, think carefully about what you will say to your lady, learn a couple of poems or give compliments. If you are not a master in such things, watch a movie with such scenes, it will give you an idea. For example “Dirty dancing”, there are many passionate scenes, which will help you to develop your imagination. Also a scene in a film “The Notebook” of romantic kissing under the rain will give you more ideas for your personal experience.

Try to practice fun kisses with your girlfriend. The whole process is fun, isn`t it? You can do in different ways, be flirty and funny. Play with your girlfriend, while eating her favourite chocolate or foam cream. Kiss in the water, make fun together.

If you are confident and risky enough, you can kiss a girl against a wall. Looks like a movie scene? Why not? To spice up your life you must do it, it is a dominant action, showing power and masculinity. It depends on a girl`s character though, if she likes it or not. Be spontaneous and more adventurous.

Approach your lady from behind, don`t scare her though. Be gentle, embrace from the back and kiss her neck, it is one of the best feeling when a man hugs with his strong hands and a woman feels protected and loved.

The last but not least of the tips we want to share with you are devoted to a sexual kissing, which is not restricted to the zone of lips. You must go to the girl’s neck and ears. Pinch and gently bite them, lick them with the tip of your tongue and whisper compliments and the girl’s name. Then come back to lips and caress a neck with your hands, and again ears-lips-neck. Do not forget about compliments. When you feel that the girl gets really excited, you can put your hands on her breast or other sensitive parts of her body. What are other appropriate things to do while kissing your girlfriend?

As you see, there are many methods of kissing, still you must always remember that the secret of your success is in your attitude to your partner, meaning that if you want to give pleasure, you are going to find the right way.

It is important to give feedback: “I like the way you touch me”; “I really felt good at this moment”. A simple smooch can boost the mood, it`s a medicine from being angry at each other, a way of saying sorry after a fight, it`s the best way to start a day and say good night. It is one of the best ways to remind that you love the person.

If you both are open to public opinion and you are in the place where it is fine to show affection, you may peck your partner on the cheek or lips. Make sure you won`t put your girlfriend in awkward situation. In such a way you acknowledge and appreciate your woman.

Many couples overlook kissing after being in a long-term relationship, don`t forget it is important and indispensable part of your everyday life. You should work on your techniques, it may vary from person to person. After getting married it doesn`t lose its sense too, make use of it as much as possible in order to have stable, healthy and happy relationship.