Long time ago everyone spoke the same language and had no problems in communicating, falling in love, creating families. However when they decided to get to heaven building a high tower, God punished them and all people started speaking different languages. However, naughty Cupid does not pay attention to this and still aims his arrows at those, who he has chosen, no matter which language they speak. He does not care that at times they cannot talk to each other because of an invisible line between them – the language barrier.

Therefore the question how to overcome this language barrier with a lady who does not speak English arises. Is it possible to have relationship when people, who like each other, do not speak the same language? Let us try to figure this out.

First of all, you must not think that if SHE does not speak your language, you will not be able to communicate. It is well known, that when a love sparkle runs between a man and a woman, they do not need many words to understand each other. Everything is communicated subconsciously, with the help of a smile, looks and gestures. And if the feelings between the two people are true and sincere, not speaking the same language will not put out this fire. So, there is no real language barrier in the beginning.    

Of course, as time passes, you will have to find the way to communicate not only with gestures, but using words too. This is when the question of learning a foreign language arises. I think it will be good if you offer your lady to teach her English, which will surely add some spices to your relationship, or offer her to join the English language courses. And, of course, you can ask her to help you learn her native language – Ukrainian or Russian. She will definitely be happy to help you and you will have a lot of fun together overcoming this language barrier from the both sides. Moreover, experts and teachers will agree that learning a foreign language is easier if you communicate with native speakers. There is even a saying: Do you want to read a foreign language? – Read more. Do you want to learn to write? – Then write more. Do you want to learn to speak a foreign language? – Just speak more!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes while talking and do not correct your lady all the time if it is not a lesson at which you are a teacher. Respect her. If you want to immediately impress your lady, learn a couple of phrases in her language like “How are you, darling?”, “How was your day, love?”, “I love you.” You saying one of these will really delight your better half and motivate you both to continue working on the development of your relationship.

At the first stage of your relationship, you can also use the help of an interpreter, or ask your or the girl’s friends to help you. It is also not a problem nowadays to use various translation applications on your phone to help you express your thoughts.

The main thing is the wish to listen, hear and understand. It must be important both for you and your lady to understand what you both feel and want to say. Mutual understanding and support will help you to get through the language barrier and in some time you will enjoy yourselves discussing domestic things, expressing your thoughts and feelings and even talk about very important philosophical issues.

Psychologists say that verbal communication gives only 30% of information, while gestures and looks give the rest. So, if you go through this period of your life together, you will understand that words mean nothing if you are on the same page with your lady. It is much better than speak the same language, but do not understand each other.

Remember that there are a lot of ways to overcome the language barrier, but you are the only one who can choose. It is more important to believe in yourself and work on your relationship. This will help you overcome all the difficulties and finally become happy.