This article is devoted to the question that clients often ask our matchmaking agency experts: how will I understand that I have found my one?  That is why if you have any doubts whether your girlfriend could be your wife, or just want to know how not to miss your destiny, this piece of writing will be absolutely helpful.

To begin with, very often when it comes to marriage many men decide to avoid it. Some of them become too choosy and say that “she” must be hot but not slutty, clever, but not boring, having a slim body, but who can cook well, etc. But unfortunately real women who they meet do not match their images and such men stay single. Other men look at their friends’ unhappy marriages and do not start a family because they are afraid to make the wrong choice.

However our matchmaking agency experts say that it is very easy to understand that you have found your one and here are some tips on how to do it.

Your relationships are “smooth” from the very beginning

Having looked at the happiest love stories, we can make a conclusion that they develop naturally well from the very beginning. People meet each other, fall in love, start going out together and finally get married. Such couples never think of breaking up with each other, while other couples argue and make up over and over again. Of course our matchmaking agency experts cannot assert that couples who have such relationships must not get marry, but it is up to you to decide if you want to accept them and whether they have any perspective.

She gets on really well with your family and friends

Of course, there can be exceptions, but if your girlfriend has no way with your closest people, you have to think a bit. Your family have brought you up the one you are and you have chosen your friends yourself. So if they do not like your girlfriend and she does not like them too, you may have missed something that they have noticed. When we are in love our mind can be switched off and we see only what it shows us. Keep in mind that it does not mean that you have to leave such a girl immediately. Our matchmaking agency experts advise you to make sure whether you have true and strong feelings for your girlfriend, and, if they are, be ready to accept that fact. It would also be good to ask your relatives and friends explain why they do not like your woman.

You do not want to change anything in her

Any relationships go through some arguments and conflicts. But if you want to change your girlfriend’s character or manners, it is the reason to think carefully. In the beginning when love rules everything, you do not notice your better half’s drawbacks, or even think they are cute. However after some years spent together, when the passion fades away, these drawbacks will irritate you and marriage will not change your girl. If, subconsciously, you feel that there is something about your girlfriend’s character that you cannot tolerate, you have to break up with her and move on not to waste each other’s time.

She is your best friend

Sexual attraction and “chemistry” are extremely important, but our matchmaking agency experts say that they have to be based on true friendship. When you get older you will not be interested in sex any more, but friendship is what will sustain your marriage. So, if you consider that your girlfriend is your best friend, it is definitely the sign that she is the one. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with her? Do you feel you can share any secret with her? Does every moment spent together make you happy? If yes, hold her and never let go.

The word “marriage” does not scare you

Imagine a trembling man, who is hesitating and feeling nervous the night before the wedding. Such a scene is good for some drama, but in real life you will hardly have any doubts considering your future marriage with your one. However, being nervous before such an important event is absolutely normal and you must not delay the wedding. But if you feel yourself like a cat on hot bricks, thinking whether it is right or wrong to marry this woman,  you may need more time to make things clear for yourself.

Our matchmaking agency hope that our advice will help you to make the decision. And if it makes you happy we will also be the happiest people in the world because it is our direct responsibility to make people happy.