So, you are lucky to find a Ukrainian girlfriend, you have already had a couple of dates with her, you have serious intentions and think that you are ready to marry her. There is one more test you have to pass – being introduced to your future wife’s parents.

I am sure that it is very important to make a good impression on your possible wife’s parents, which will be one of the ways to have a happy marriage with her. To help you, I have asked my friends for some tips on how to make the meeting with your Ukrainian girlfriend’s parents a success.

Tip 1. Get dressed for success.

The way you will be dressed at the first meeting with your possible Ukrainian relatives can tell them a lot about you. If you dress untidy, do not even think of going. If you dress too luxuriously, that will not do either. However you must not wear casual clothes – you are not going to work. Your clothes must be formal within reasonable limits. You can ask your Ukrainian girlfriend to help you choose the best clothing. She will definitely know what her parents will appreciate.

Tip 2. No professional terms.

Be sure, that your Ukrainian girlfriend’s parents want her to have a happy marriage, which means that her future husband has a good job. That is why be ready to tell her family about your professional activity. Think of what you will say beforehand and try to escape using professional terms which can give a bright description of what you do, but can be misunderstood by your new interlocutors.

Tip 3. More ideas about future.

If you have any plans for future, any interesting projects, or anything that might make your marriage happy, do not hesitate and tell about them. If the parents see, that your projects are real, can give you some benefits or a promotion, they will be sure that their «little princess» is in good hands and will not be worried about her life outside Ukraine. However, do not overdo, because the positive impression can be blurred.

Tip 4. Pay attention to your appearance.

I am sure that you look after yourself, and pay enough attention to your image, still when you are preparing to meet your Ukrainian girlfriend’s parents, you must imagine that you are going on a first date with a girl – shave, get a good haircut, etc.

Tip 5. Have a discussion on how you met with HER.

Sounds strange, but if my baby-girl would intruduce me to a man with who she wants to have a happy marriage, I would definitely ask her about the day she had met her true love. Not to be confused, ask your girlfriend if she has told anything to her parents about how you got to know each other and what exactly she has told them. If not, discuss what to tell.

Tip 6. Escape forbidden topics.

Ask your Ukrainian girlfriend which topics can make her parents speak for hours, having forgotten about the main reason of your meeting, or the topics that can bring about any arguments or long disputes.

Tip 7. Prepare for the cross-examination.

It is quite natural that every parent want their children to have a happy marriage, so they will definitely want to find out as much as possible about you. Therefore, just relax and make this conversation both interesting and pleasant for you and for them.

Tip 8. Do not be too enthusiastic about alcohol.

I think no comments are needed here. So, if you want to drink some wine, do it, but mind the amount. Because if you drink too much, it can make the good impression of you fade.

Tip 9. Make them a small present.

It is a good idea which will not do any harm. If you have a meeting in a restaurant, you could order a bottle of good wine or a box of chocolates as a present for her parents. If you have a meeting in their house, you could bring a bottle of champagne or some stuff for the kitchen. But before buying anything, you must ask your girlfriend for advice so that your present could be useful.

Tip 10. Pre-think your departure.

Think about the time and the way you will leave. You must always have some time in store. Do not plan anything serious for that day. Try to leave your future relatives in high spirits, so that both you and they would like to meet each other again.