Good time of day to you, my dear reader. This time I have decided to share my own experience of using a dating site and then matchmaking agency’s help. Fortunately, I have managed to find my true love not far from me, but I have to tell you, that I am quite an experienced Ukrainian online bride, who can give some good advice to men, searching for their true love here, in Ukraine.

The topic I want to touch is about giving or not giving presents to Ukrainian online bride who you have seen only in the picture.

I want to remember the case with me… I was the user of one famous dating site, where I was quite popular with foreign men. They wrote me tonnes of emails with beautiful words, said that I was fantastic, etc. But everything ended with three letters after which they stopped writing to me. I asked my agent why it was so. And she told me that the reason why most men did this was that three letters did not cost much for them, and if they wanted to continue writing to me they had to pay more.

This made me sad, because I truly hoped to find my ONE, but with three letters only that was impossible. However, some time passed and I started correspondence with three men. All of them were from different countries and they all sent me more than three letters each, which made me think that something could work out between me and one of them. But… there was one thing that made me sad… all of them wrote me that they appreciated me so much, they wanted to meet me, one of them sent me a letter asking to come to his country with a visit, another called me and we talked, but…

I am a woman, and I want some “sparkle” from a man. I want him to make even a small present to me, for which I will be grateful. So, when one of them finally sent me a bouquet of flowers I was in the seventh heaven. It seemed that this sign of attention had made my day and if, at that moment the man, who sent me this bouquet was near, I would definitely hug him and kiss. Still, when he came to Ukraine, we had a couple of dates and understood that we were not meant for each other. We kissed each other goodbye and he left Ukraine. However, in two weeks he sent me a letter asking how I was and telling that during the visit, when we met, he had a couple of dates with three other Ukrainian online bride and thought that one of them had become a dear person to him. Now I am really happy to have met such a gentleman. And I wish him good luck in his life. But, what is the moral of the story?

The thing is that if you want to make Ukrainian online bride think that you are serious, you have to make small signs of attention. You know, we seldom look at the price of the present, we look at the fact that it exists. If you want to win a girl’s heart, you must work for it. Of course, if you are not sure that the Ukrainian online bride you are writing to is real, if you do not think that she is the one who can become your true and only love, then do not bother doing anything pleasant for her.

But, then I would like to ask you: why are you wasting both your and Ukrainian online bride time writing thousands of letters and making an illusion that there is a chance for you? And if you have a feeling that you have found someone interesting and worth your attention, do not hesitate and try to make something pleasant for both of you. You  could even ask your matchmaker to help you choose something that the Ukrainian online bride you want to impress will like, and when everything is ready, you could ask the girl to come to the matchmaking agency, as if to have an online date with you, and there your matchmaker will give her a present from you and you will see how happy and grateful your Ukrainian online bride will be. Believe me, this will make both of you happy.

So, my point is  that if you want to win a Ukrainian online bride’s heart, you must show that you are ready to take actions . However, if a Ukrainian online bride is insisting on you buying something for her, or paying for something that she “needs”, beware, this could be a scammer. Oh, and, of course, you must be ready that it can happen so, that when you meet the girl, to whom you have made a present, you may understand that she is not the one you need. (Just like it was with me and my foreign friend). And it may happen so, that you will have to write to several Ukrainian online bride and even make some presents before you find your one. But this is life, and I am sure that you will be lucky and make the right choice.