Red flags that she is using you

What are the biggest red flags in a romantic relationship with a woman? How are you able to know and tell if a girl or your girlfriend is using you? There are some red flags you should focus attention on when dating a woman to help you understand how to stop a girl from using you.

If she wants you to pay all the bills, especially at the beginning of your relationship, there are high chances your partner is manipulating or deceiving you. Not only do you pick up the tab when you go on a date, but also you purchase clothes if you go shopping. Furthermore, she could insist on going shopping even on your first date! She encourages you to go on trips if you pay for the tickets and the lodging. She may ask you to pay phone bills by giving you lame excuses.

If she often asks for expensive stuff, in particular, branded items, Louboutin shoes, or luxurious jewelry, she will hardly be excited with romantic gestures and your efforts to show your sincere affection. If she is expecting to be lavished in jewelry, clothing, and expensive items, it means she is using you for financial gain. Stop giving in to her desires and see how she reacts. If she is a gold digger, she will dump you before you can say a-cat-and-a-half.

She always has a sad story and pulls you into doing favors. She acts as if she’s the damsel in distress. Men prefer to solve problems, fix things and make the person suffering from the problem happy! It may sound sweet. However, the first step is to identify what’s real and what’s false. You save your damsel from one problem, ten more take its place. If you’re too busy with work or socializing or whatever to be there 100% of the time, and it’s when she finds another white knight to step in.

She does things she wants to do; she doesn’t care what you think about it. If you ask your girlfriend out and choose a restaurant, she’ll say something like, “The place is not good enough.” Nevertheless, she would be ready to suggest a more expensive alternative. Do you want to go to a particular place? You could say, “I’m eager to go…” If she still doesn’t cave in, it’s not a good sign. Don’t ignore that.

Last weekend, you took your girlfriend shopping and sent her to the spa. The weekend before that, you took your lady to her favorite restaurant and shopping again. If this sounds like your love life, she may believe dating you is an effective way to cut “fun time” bills down to zero.

You feel she’s not with you. She’s not letting the phone out of her hands during your lunch or dinner. She’s looking around. She’s saying things like “Yeah,” or “Hmm” most of the time. Your date’s eyes are wandering. You don’t need a woman that is not interested in you.

A healthy relationship should be enjoyable. If this isn’t true on your end, you need to rethink things. You should watch carefully in case you are wondering “Does she really love me or is she using me?”