7 strategic tips for a successful first date

There are a lot of rules and guidelines offering a wide variety of tips for dating for the first time, explaining what makes a great first date or how to have a good first date. We would like to share the effective strategies and consider how to go on a first date to maximize your chances of success.

1. Take her to a place that is fancy enough and comfortable
The environment should hint at some intimacy. This will better allow you two to find out if there’s a “spark,” or some common interests and values, to be more exact because it seems to be more crucial than chemistry. Good dining establishments to take your date are venues that have some charm (artwork, a rustic ambiance, etc.), and don’t play terribly loud music.

Remember, if she’s going out with you, she’s already attracted to you. Therefore, this battle was won. Your meeting is devoted to getting to know each other and deciding if a future is promising.

2. Preparation is the key
Double-checking that everything is good is important. Wear something that shows that you care about what you look like. Do not wear too much perfume, but be sure that you practice good personal hygiene. Pay particular attention to your appearance. Not only do gentlemen get turned on by what they see, but ladies also are visual.

3. Use ice breakers
What should you do on a first date? The first 10 minutes set the tone for the rest of the time. While it is possible to recover if your romantic rendezvous starts off rough, it will be much easier if you start your lunch or dinner smoothly.

Compliment the lady. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, it can be as simple as “Your hair looks really nice today,” or “I like your dress.” This shows you have paid attention to the extra work she did to look good.

Try to understand what interests the lady. In particular, if you know she’s an avid reader, ask her opinion on the popular bestseller. If she’s a big fan of movies, you both are able to discuss recent world premieres. It doesn’t matter so much what you talk about, as long as the conversation is relaxed. One of the best ideas to make it sound natural is asking open-ended questions.

4. Get the conversation flowing
For example, if you are attending an Italian restaurant, ask the girl about her experience with European cuisine. The important part is to just get the conversation flowing. Do not dominate the conversation. Allow her to speak more than you. People love to talk about themselves. Allowing them to do so will help you build feelings of respect and trust.

5. Think about topics to discuss
Throughout your meeting, there may be times when the conversation starts to lull. If you ever run out of things to say, stick to one of the most popular and simple models of four components: discuss recreation, occupation, family, and dreams. Generally, you should discuss your dreams after you have talked about the other three topics since people’s goals and values can be more personal and require trust in order to be shared.

After asking the woman about a subject, comment on it. This shows you are listening and you care about what she is interested in. After asking about her occupation, to which she may reply she is a teacher, say, “It sounds impressive. In high school, I had a teacher who really impacted me and changed my opinion. What about teaching do you find fulfilling?”

6. Don’t be too pushy, be a gentleman
Open doors for the lady. Furthermore, in Ukraine, you are expected to bring a bouquet of flowers to create a romantic mood. Be nice to everybody. The woman will be watching how you interact with others.

Don’t criticize or complain. It fosters an atmosphere of negativity. Don’t show physical affection too fast. If you do, the date may become awkward very quickly. Slow and steady wins the race.

7. Finish your rendezvous correctly
When your activity is over and you start to take the girl back home, make sure you give honest and sincere appreciation for her going out with you. Most people have busy schedules, so making the time for you should be acknowledged. Show an appropriate amount of affection, whether it be a hug, or if the meeting went very well a kiss, though don’t force it.