Last month we had several truly different male clients in Kharkov. They had different personalities, different life styles, looks and vision about future relationship. One thing they had in common of course – they were strongly attracted to the beauty and family values of Ukrainian ladies.

One of our clients was a tall handsome gentleman with thick blond hair and mischievous smile. He had a low really manly voice and didn’t hide the fact he used to work as a male model. During his first day in Kharkov, Ukraine he went to gym twice.

We have introduced him to a beautiful younger Ukrainian lady who has a university degree in law and could easily compete with Victoria Secret Angels. When I was introducing the lady to our male client I thought that they could easily be featured at the bridal magazine and many little girls would look at them and dream to grow up and look like the bride and to have a husband that looks like our client. Their date lasted 5 hours and when our driver was taking them from the restaurant to the bar they were kissing on the back seat.

To my huge surprise both of them have decided not to see each other again, because “he/she is not my type”.

One of the gentlemen who works for a big IT company had his dates in Kharkov too. He had beautiful blue eyes and had lost about 10 kilos recently. His shirt was slightly oversized. He felt shy on the date at first and has forgotten to give flowers to his date. When the interpreter has reminded him about the flowers he honestly told the lady that “she took his breath away” and he has really forgotten about the flowers he was holding in his hands. The date lasted almost till midnight and the next day he has called me (the matchmaker) to find out if the lady would agree to go out with him again. She was super happy to accept the invitation. They went sightseeing with the interpreter. At the end of the date she kissed his cheek.

Our handsome athletic gentleman went out with another lady. They have met at the beautiful fancy bar. Smiling blond lady was flirting with her 15 years older date. She spoke fluent English so they didn’t need the interpreter. They had some wine and light snacks and have decided to have a walk. Kharkov at night is truly romantic. He took her hand and they have kissed. The next day she was open to go out with him again but he wanted to see “other options”.

A gentleman from the USA who has already used several dating sites and went on a dating tour with a group of gentleman has decided to use matchmaking service. During the first date with the first lady he has asked her if she wanted to have 3 kids with him. He told her about all his siblings and their hobbies and after the date told me he didn’t feel she was the one, because she was too quite. The lady said he didn’t let her say a single word.

The gentleman from IT Company had several dates with his brunette. On the date number 5 he brought her red roses and they had some French wine. When the interpreter has left, they have continued communication with the help of the Google translator at phone. He put his hand on her hip. She didn’t take his hand away and smiled with approval. He kissed her lips.

A gentleman from the USA had another first date with the beautiful never married lady who was 10 years younger than he. They had some coffee and cakes and he has asked her if she was open to have sex 5 times per day. She has tried to make a joke out of it, but 30 minutes after gave up and left.

Our beautiful ex-model gentleman went out with the lady number 4. He brought beautiful flowers and has invited her to a fancy place. The lady was 18 years younger. She was wearing a tight red dress and all men at that restaurant have noticed her. She liked the flowers and made several photos with them, which she will send him the same night.  At their second date she will let him kiss her.

Our IT guy bought perfumes and tulips for his date. He worries if she likes them. The lady bought new lingerie for this date, but she is not sure yet if she invites him over. Just in case her daughter is staying with her grandmother for this weekend.

Our gentleman from the USA with a huge experience at the dating sites has decided not to take the next date out for dinner, because coffee is much more cheaper. The lady in front of him looks ok and he is sure that she “already wants to have sex with him”, but he wants to see other options.

After the date with the 18 years younger girl with the model look and the “approval” of all the men at that fancy restaurant our male ex-model has decided “she is the one”. The girl has decided to use her “deadly weapon” – her body and they went to the party by the pool. The next day she will get the new dress, which he will take off in his hotel room the same evening after the tasty dinner and Champaign.  

6 months after our IT guy has proposed to the love of his life. She said “yes” to the most romantic and caring gentleman she has ever met.

Professional ex-model and his beautiful 18 years younger girlfriend are flying to Maldives where she will look so hot in her new bikini (his present). She hopes that after this trip he will propose. He thinks if she keeps her figure after their first baby is born.

The gentleman from the USA has found a new crush at the dating site. Her photos are so hot! For her upcoming birthday he will send her a picture of flowers, which he has downloaded from Google.

Dear gentleman, make a decision:

Do you want to buy sex or invest into love?

The motto of is “Where you invest your love, you invest your life”, which means when you start investing your time, energy, mood and yes – your money, the lady will also invest her time, affection and yes – her body and money (she will invest into new lingerie, make-up, dresses and hair to impress and seduce you).

I wish you only strong mutual love and only wise successful and pleasant  “investments”.

Svetlana Mukha, with love