Signs She’s The One For You

Everyone says that a happy marriage, which lasts the whole life is possible to obtain if you marry the right person. But how do you know you are with the right person?

Before looking for someone, think about your values and goals in life, what is important to you and what are your priorities in relationship, what is your perfect woman and partner. Because all people are different, someone strives for gorgeous looks and kindness, someone is looking for intellectual compatibility, someone is more focused on intimate connection. And what are you looking for?

If you define the characteristics of your soulmate, it is not a rocket science to understand if she is the right person.

Let me share a personal story of my male friend and his guideline how to know she is the one, which I think should work for the majority of you:

  1. The relationship goes smooth from the very start. The couple doesn`t need to think much if they get along or no, it just happens naturally. “The moment I met my wife, I knew I would marry this woman. The time was always passing so fast when I was around her. 1 hour seemed like 1 sec and 1 day like 1 minute. I was never bored speaking to her. She has been close to me straight away, I felt like I could share my secrets and she would understand, what seemed senseless to other people, she could find sense. She would listen to every single word I said. It doesn’t mean you don`t have fights. Fights are necessary, if you never argue about anything or at least discuss, there is no growth. But you don`t think about breaking up, you always see the solution to any problem and learn how to deal with it together”.
  2. You know she is the one when she establishes good relationship with your family. Except some of your family members are too picky, they should find a common language. You must not put too much effort in making them close, it happens naturally by meeting each other at family gatherings. Who can know you better than your parents? They raised you and you are who you are today, their opinion is not everything but still very important. When you are in love, everything is perfect to you, sometimes it might be blurry and you don`t want to accept some drawbacks or even major things. Your close people give you an outsider opinion of how they see you as a couple. Especially your best friend matters, he or she must know you 100%, so it must be a valuable opinion. “The moment I realized I found my soulmate, when I invited her to my house, she hugged my mum and dad and we spent the coziest evening together as if she was their daughter. They talk endlessly with my mum about everything, laughing and joking. By looking at them, I felt so blessed. I was feeling at ease introducing her to my friends, my best friend just winked at me and said “well done man”, I knew what he meant, we have known each other since our childhood”.
  3. Think about the reasons why you love your girlfriend. If you love for who she is and you don`t want to change anything, then she might be the one. By falling in love we might not notice some significant drawbacks and even if we do, we try not to pay attention. But the moment the “love rush” passes, there is a real picture. If this real picture still satisfies you, it is a good sign. If you cannot put up with something significantly, marriage won`t change anything.
  4. If your girlfriend is your best friend, you are the luckiest man on earth. You don`t only have physical chemistry, but also intimate connection, it is the way to trusting relationship, which leads to marriage. Imagine having a lover and a soulmate in one, great deal, isn`t it? If there are packages like this that you can buy, they would never be any discounts on it and it would be the most expensive one, because it is a real treasure to have a person beside you, who you can trust and share everything. Even if you don`t have time for friends in your daily routine, you already have one, who is in relationship with you.
  5. When you know you found the one, you are not scared to propose and take a serious step. Men often have second thoughts about marriage. Couples can date, be compatible and feel very comfortable with each other, but the only thought of marrying makes you shiver, you are not ready to register your relationship officially. “Since the moment we met, I wanted to propose to my lady. I wanted to make it special and very romantic. We both like travelling and are very adventurous. We knew each other only for half a year at that moment when I decided to do it. It was her birthday, of course she expected to get a present, but she never thought it would be that kind of surprise. I booked an air-balloon ride in Cappadocia, it was our dream. She was so excited about the ride, I could feel those overwhelming emotions. We were kissing and laughing a lot up in the air. She was joking that it supposed to be our honeymoon trip in the future. At this moment I took out a box with a beautiful ring and made a proposal almost up in the sky. Me, her and nature, she screamed out of happiness like a child and said that she could never imagine that it would be so breathtaking. My friend asked me: how do you know she is the one? I just feel it with all my heart, it cannot be wrong”.

What are the signs that she loves you?

It is good if you ask yourself this question at the beginning of relationship, not after years and years of being together or moreover married.

  1. She invests in relationship through time and attention. She wants to see you more often and be with you at important moments.
  2. She is into you, if she wants to know everything about you, your childhood, your parents, hobbies and work as well as she shares her stories.
  3. She loves being around you, making memories together, there is no second thought when it comes to you.
  4. You are her first priority, when it comes to sharing news, ups and downs. She trusts you completely and it is mutual.
  5. She accepts you the way you are, not asking to change. She is not going to misjudge you.
  6. She is contributing to being more intimate with you by initiating sex, by wearing sexy clothes and experimenting in bed with you.
  7. She shows constant signs of affection, she likes kissing and hugging you, when she is in love, she wouldn`t lose a chance to touch you.