With greetings from Tatiana and Aiden from Dusseldorf! We would like to share our love story with you. Maybe someone will be inspired with the idea to join ParadiseDate by Diolli.com and meet one’s own destiny as it happened to us. Firs t of all we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mila Andersen and Svetlana Mukha for their kindness and professionalism. Due to their efforts dreams become true. Should mention the fact that our attitude to internet dating was kind of skeptic before we faced with Diolli. Both of us lived through most difficulties, challenges and experience. Nevertheless we were banded together by strong faith in true love. Looking back at the past, I remember our first date. It was cold February evening but we left with warm feelings in our hearts. We both experienced kind of emotional stress and worries. But first moments of our meeting assuaged all doubts and allayed all concerns. The date atmosphere was really sincere and warm due to Mila’s efforts and helped us to overcome the language barrier. Later we had more dates, but for both of us the first meeting has a special meaning. It was destined. And we had our wedding in October!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all Diolli co-workers for their assistance and help. Special thank to Mila for taking part in life. We still wish all women and men to believe in their inner strength and happiness. Let true love come into your life. It is never late to alter your life for the better. Love and let love.