10 Unusual Places to Have Sex

Having sex in extraordinary places could be extremely thrilling. It’s embracing your inner bad boy, isn’t it? However, if you are looking for the best safe places to have sex in public or at home, our tips will also be useful. Making love in bed with your significant other could be amazing but sometimes spicing it up is able to bring an additional fun and enjoyment you need. Looking for the best place for crazy outdoor sex? We’d like to offer a list of unusual locations.

1. On a Boat

It really seems fabulous. Why don’t you rent a boat or a perfect yacht? It might be a great moment to explore all the spaces and enjoy magical intimacy, getting kinky on water.

2. Football Pitch

Have you ever tried having fun in the stadium? The wide space allows you to roll from one side to the other. A wide variety of different styles can be tried. Besides, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get all the fantastic orgasms you deserve.

3. In the Woods

It’s likely to become the most exciting adventure in your life. Getting a soft blanket or letting nature be the perfect playground with the lush valley grass could be a great chance to embody your wild ideas into reality.

4. Rooftop

Another interesting place is a rooftop. Sneak in after hours of work and get your better half to the rooftop, bend her head over the railing with her vagina open to you and put you deep inside her to give her a magnificent experience. The moaning from the rooftop is all the encouragement you need to keep digging deeper.

5. Car Front Seat

Believe it or not, your automobile is an amazing place to mix things up. It’s different from your bedroom or couch or kitchen and the nostalgic “like a teenager” feeling makes it even better. It’s pretty spontaneous too.

6. On a Swing

Dreaming about acrobatic sex? Consider getting swings in your apartment if it’s spacious enough. Just hold her bums to let you control the movement.

7. On the Beach

It’s one of the best locations. While the sand makes things messy, that is part of fun. You could end up having one of the hottest sessions ever.

8. In the Rain

Walking in the rain is one of the romantic cliché moments, but why don’t you take it a little bit further? It is even better if both of you are completely naked.

9. At the Office

You should try getting dirty over your desk. You may do it after work. There is an element of danger, but not enough risk to ruin the experience.

10. In the Elevator

There are only a few things hotter. There’s always the chance that the elevator may stop at any moment, which is what makes sex so passionate.