So many men, so many minds is the best answer to this question. There is a common expression: happiness makes time pass and if you really enjoy communicating with your date, you will not notice  that it is already time to say good-bye.

Still, the question about the ideal length of a date exists, and some sociological researches have shown that 40% of ladies from Ukraine answered that the first date must continue as long as the circumstances let it last.

It is not a secret that the first date is not the same as the first meeting. If you are using the help of a matchmaking agency you can surely have a chance to communicate with the ladies from Ukraine that you like on the Internet and after that you will meet. Why? To see the woman you like in person; to hear her voice, to look at her gestures; to look into her eyes and find a sparkle in them; to touch her, or, even, kiss. These are the main reasons you must have a date with a woman instead of continuing virtual communication.

If you have never corresponded with a Ukrainian lady, but decided to meet her, it is a good chance to have a long conversation. Still, do not overdo with the number of questions — it is not an interrogation. The best place for the first date could be a cafe, a restaurant; a walk in the park will also be a good way to spend your first date, or even visiting an art exhibition can give you both a lot of details about each other.

How long should the first conversation last? Some ladies from Ukraine say that it must continue till your cup of coffee is full, and when you have finished it is better to arrange the time for your next date. But the majority of ladies from Ukraine want their gentleman to guess when it is time to say good-bye and ask for the next date. 

In my humble opinion, the first date must leave questions to both sides and in this way rise interest in getting to know each other. That is why the first date must last till you find the answer to the question «Do I want to develop relationships with this Ukrainian lady or not?»

What do scientists say about this issue? Psychologists say that the best length for the first date is 1-2 hours, because the first date, which will take more time, can be rather stressful, since both you  and your lady will be tense trying to show your best qualities only. Moreover such a long date can surfeit you. Even one of the laws in psychology states that any type of acftivity must finish at the emotional peak, but not when you are bored or tired. So, one or two hours is absolutely enough to get to know each other without getting bored and decide if your date is your potential partner.

That is why, my final advice to you is like this: if you have found some ladies from Ukraine you would like to meet, make sure that you know what to ask them, where to have the date and, of course, do not make your first date longer than 2 hours. Oh, and another hint: since we, ladies, like when men make decisions, do not ask your future date where she wants to meet. Ask your matchmaker for help. She will find out what the girl’s favourite spot is and you will manage to impress your lady in advance. Good luck!