I’ve been a happy bachelor for almost twenty years, but in my late thirties I felt I was getting stuck in my ways and needed to grow up to be a better man. I have had some nice girlfriends, that I was practicing on verbally, but my dodgy selfless romanticism was really driving them nuts. I was in need of a deep emotional attachment to nurture my growth, but I wasn’t finding it, because I wasn’t really looking around for it and there were no women in my work environment and I wasn’t spending time in pubs, clubs or anywhere with the right woman.

I’ve spent several years on different national and international dating sites on and off where I’ve met a few girls, but never the right one. Despite my failures my maturity, confidence and resolve had grown much stronger. The years spend online has taught me a lot about making interesting profiles that are (somewhat) short, concise, humorous and yet very serious with an edge, but I was really getting sick and tired of wasting time and money for nothing and was about to give up on this whole dating thing. I had just escaped the cluthes of a succubi scammer who blew her cover when she asked me for my login and password. I was still feeling a bit shocked by the experience, when I have met my Mila. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

vikIt was the most exciting time in my life. I have had a lot of correspondence with girls online, but I never had a Skype talk with facevalue before. I had read her profile and prepared a list of keywords and topics to talk about and was loaded up on romantic bullets. I didn’t really know what to expect, because she didn’t have a single picture on her profile with a smile, but all my worries disappeared when I heard her voice.

She had the voice of an angel and she was so vivid, enthusiastic and talkative. I made a lot of Skype snapshots of her during our talk and they really surprised me afterwards. She had thousands sparkling faces and she was looking so cute, sweet and lively in every one of them.

Later she sent me a more recent picture of her from a picnic with a few friends. I showed it to my mother when she came by for a visit and there was a sigh of relief and happiness in her voice when she said “She’s the one” and I knew she was right. In the past I have met girls online insisting on common interest and so on and I have read some testimonials online about how couples are so right for each other with the same hobbies and interests and blah-blah-blah, but that’s not what our relationship is like – not at all.

I asked my wife to marry me on the third day of our first vacation together and before I even knew anything substantial about her. I didn’t know her culture, preferences, hobbies or interests. I didn’t know her political standpoints or beliefs. I didn’t know what a great cook and perfect hostess she is and I didn’t really know if we had anything in common apart from the joy we were both feeling. All that I really knew about my wife before I asked her to marry me was that I loved her voice and enjoyed her company and that we had a really nice thing going. Apart from the love and joy of each others company that we share the only thing we really have in common is that we are both kind, open-minded, creative, easy going, brave and adventurous. We have a really nice chemistry.

Even though we are both in our forties we are a young couple by every meaning of the word and we are actively pursuing ways of expanding our mutual horizon and interests and my wife is really happy about exploring new ways of being together, learning about differences and enjoying each other. She has become my best friend, lover, playmate, wife and partner and every day is a bonus. We have already explored a lot of interests and have found a lot of ways to be together.

I am from Denmark and she’s from Ukraine and of course there are some differences in mentality, culture, taste of food and sexual awareness between us, but the most important thing in our relationship apart from the love that we share is that we know how to handle and respect each others oddities and give each other a little space and privacy.

Since I moved to Ukraine to be able to live with my wife without government interference I have gotten a much bigger family of sweet and nice people that instantly accept me. I have learnt how to make proper toast where emotions run high. My Russian is still really bad, but I have learnt a few sweet words to make my wife happy and to annoy her sometimes, heheh. We have a lot of fun and I really love it. I have always tried to keep up with Ukrainian traditions and I knew there was some kind of ritual for asking for my wife’s hand in marriage, but when we went to see her mother, she gave her away before I even had to chance to ask. Ukrainian girls are much more focused on family values and ties, traditions and being together than the western girls I have known. They are also very appreciative of a little attention, simple romantic gestures, gentleman like behavior and compliments and if you stumble she will catch you. I have really grown as a man in the last three years and the inner child is happy too. I love my wife.