What do women want? What kind of a man they are hoping to find? A handsome one or successful? This article will tell you about several types of men women are seeking for. To tell you the truth, each type has one feature which differs from the rest and this is exactly what some women like and other think it is an inacceptable characteristic for a man.

You may think why it is so that girls have some categories or classifications of men they would like to meet. I will tell you that it begins from the early childhood years when every little girl thinks she is a princess and dreams to marry a prince on a white horse. Since that time, she has a vivid picture of what qualities her ideal man must have.

If we classify the main requests to mr. Right, we can see several types of men women are seeking for. Each of them is not a set of definite characteristics, but rather an image, and every girl has her own image of the mr. Right.

Mr. Bad.

It is not a secret that some girls like “bad guys”, who are covered with mystery and danger. Such ladies often like to be led by someone and make the “bad guy” responsible for every step made. Of course, being a bad guy does not literally mean to be bad. It means that such a man is hot-tempered, very determined and often leads rich and filled with danger life. Actually, that is what attracts women like a magnet.  

Mr. Shy.

Quite the opposite type of a man women are seeking for is made up of modest men and touch-me-nots. They are interesting for women because the latter can show their experience and wit and teach such men something. Usually women who choose a mr. Shy do not have much experience in communicating with the opposite sex and start such relationship led by sheer interest.

Mr. Adventurer.

Emotional women like men who can bring them a storm of emotions. Unlike mr. Bad, mr Adventurer gets his dose of adrenalin not from “bad actions”, but from “crazy actions”. Such men like extreme kinds of sport and lively music. Their restlessness, bravery, energy and storm of emotions attract women as well as cheerfulness and being able to make something crazy and outstanding.

Mr. Seducer.

A man, who pays attention to what women want, will immediately be called this name. His contact sensations are highly developed, which makes him a fantastic lover. He makes women go crazy in bed as well as “outside” of bed. He notices every minute detail like making a gentle touch or giving a hand to help the girl out of the car. Mr. Seducer knows how to flirt and all his manners act like a magnet for the opposite sex.

Mr. Success.

If a man has his business and is wealthy, he can become a mr. Success. Girls see such men as leaders and the ones, who are ready to take actions. For women mr. Success is associated with stability and… money, which can be potentially spent on luxurious apartment, cars, clothes or jewellery. Mr. Success is always in great demand.

Mr. Romantic.

Mr. Romantic likes beauty, he is sensitive and passionate. Such type is interesting for women, who have good imagination and can picture every word that mr. Romantic will say. Men of such type can make a cozy and warm atmosphere even in the middle of a big city or somewhere in the deep woods. Such men lead a “beautiful” life, and attract women by being sincere and offering a chance to become a part of a wonderful world.

Mr. Usual.

Mr. Usual likes usual things, listens to usual music, leads a usual life and eats usual food. Mr.Usual is not choosy and the most tolerant (in comparison with the other types) in relationship, which is the main attraction for women. A usual guy is relaxed and satisfied with everything. That is why girls like him so much. Very often a usual guy can have some of the qualities peculiar to other types and can transform into them later.

Having read this article, you must have got a clear understanding of the types of Princes women are seeking for. However, you must remember that these are only images, and you are a real man, whose character can mix different features, which you can use to win a girl’s heart. So now, it is your turn to look for a woman, find out what kind of a man she wants to have and, if she is your mrs. Right, you will have to become her Prince Charming and mr. Right.