Hello everyone. Although it is September and the weather is not so warm outside, I hope that my article will make you hot. Having decided to make this September the sexiest month of 2016, I present you the first article devoted to this issue.

The question under discussion is the following: how do girls lose virginity in different countries? One may think that there is nothing to speak about because sex is the same everywhere. However, there are some interesting facts that make a usual first sex for every girl different depending on the country where she lives which I am ready to share with you.

The USA.

In the USA a girl loses virginity at the backseat of her boyfriend’s car at the age of 16. That is the usual age for the first sex probably because the driving license is obtained at this age.


The place and circumstances are not important for young people in Germany who want to have the first sex. Appropriate time is what really matters. According to the statistics every second German woman loses her virginity in October, during Oktoberfest.

The Czech Republic.

The Czech teenagers prefer warm and bright summer to cold rainy October and about 45% usually have their first sex during the summer holidays in summer camps.

Latin America.

The scenario of the first sex in the countries of Latin America depends on the social status of a teenager. A wealthy family take good care about the morality of their daughters. That is why “rich girls” can have their first sex only when they are going to get married.  

If a family is not rich, their attitude to sex is quite simple. The girls from such families usually lose their virginity either at their boyfriend’s home or at their own. The usual places for the first sex are parks and even staircases of blocks of flats.


According to the statistics, French teenagers lose their virginity later than the rest of their European peers. In most cases, it happens at someone’s home (about 40%) or in the cinema (20%). As they say in Ukraine: “Darkness is the best friend for teenagers” and seats at the back of the cinema can be used not only for kisses, but for more interesting purposes. It is interesting that a girl often initiates sex.

The UK.

It is difficult to make any assumptions about why it happens this way with the UK’s teenagers, but most of them lose their virginity during the holidays outside the UK, while they are on holidays, hiking trips, different tours or summer camps.


Although the Italian climate is quite hot, Italian girls are rather shy and serious. In a survey, about 65% stated that they had their first sex when they had made sure their boyfriend’s feelings were sincere, intentions serious, and each of them has made up the model of the wedding dress she would like to wear on the wedding day.


India is the country where attitude to having sex before marriage is stern. That is why young men and women have to wait until their official marriage. So, they have their first sex on the wedding night in their marital bed, which is usually in the bride’s or groom’s parents’ house.


About 25% of Ukrainians have their first sex at home when their parents are away, 35% lose their virginity in University hall of residence and 10 % have their “first time” in their friends’ apartment.

It is interesting to know that many people think that every new generation starts sexual life earlier than the previous one; however, British scientists who have researched sexual behavior of people in 59 countries during the last 40 years have proved that such a tendency is a myth. And teenagers start their sexual relationships at the age of 15-19, just like their parents and grandparents. Men usually have their first sex a bit earlier than women do.