What do Ukrainian girls think about St. Valentine’s day?

Is St. Valentine’s Day celebrated in Ukraine? First and foremost, it has become more and more popular. This holiday seems to be a good reason to declare the value of affection in all its forms. Secondly, almost all Ukrainian cities and towns join the celebration. Residents and guests are able to plunge into the festive ambiance.

What do girls expect or want to get from Valentine’s Day? Do you have any ideas? Perhaps, it’s a unique opportunity for females of our country to express girls’ innermost feelings and thoughts. Slavic ladies appreciate romantic gestures. A lot of young women in a relationship expect their marriage proposal on the 14th of February. Others will be excited to go out for dinner and spend quality time together with their boyfriend. A wide variety of different romantic customs and rituals are also well-liked.

In particular, footbridges in metropolitan cities are called among the people the Lover’s Bridges since they are considered the most popular places in the city for romantic dates, love confessions, and marriage proposals. According to tradition, the couples leave on the railing their messages, tie ribbons, and hang padlocks as a token for everlasting love.

It is believed that this tradition to hang padlocks as a symbol of love and mutual romantic feelings, which is widespread in Eastern Europe, emerged after the release of the novel by Federico Moccia “Three Meters Above the Sky” in 1992, where the couple did so.

In addition, Ukrainian girls are convinced it’s a great moment to discover each other a little more and dedicate some beautiful time to your relationship that will strengthen the bond with a partner. A stay-home Valentine date may be planned with a fabulous decoration, food, and drinks. Besides, couples can cook something together. It’s a wonderful experience when people get into the kitchen with someone they adore. It’s fun and at the same time, it is a great way to test compatibility with a partner.

While every other couple would go out in a restaurant, some people may choose to explore a new place together. Walking around while holding hands and stumbling upon a new dining establishment seems marvelous. An adventurous date is another great way to celebrate the Day of Love as well as a winery tour or a movie marathon.

To sum up, if you have a Ukrainian girlfriend, we bet, you’ll both figure out the best way to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day together