It is known that men love with their eyes. Therefore, very often they choose their girlfriend looking at her appearance first. Still, nowadays there are a lot of gorgeous women, who are single. Why is it so? Maybe, that is because dating a very beautiful woman is not an easy task?

So, what is it like to go out with a beauty queen?

Dating an extremely attractive woman you will definitely fight for her attention and be worried about other men, who will want her body too. Surely, you will trust your lady, but how can you trust people, who you do not know?

Dating an extremely attractive woman you might become more jealous. Of course, you could be one of those people, who almost never feel jealousy, however even you have the feeling of ownership.

Dating an extremely attractive woman you will come second. People might not notice you in your woman’s presence. Even if you are the heart-and-soul of the company, you will still recede into the background. Moreover, if you are a usual guy, other people could start wondering how such a pretty woman has become your girlfriend.

Dating an extremely attractive woman you will find out that she is seeing you only for your money. Of course, people will not look for logical reasons why she is with you; it is easier to accept the fact that she wants your money. Even if you are not rich, you will be told that she will stay with you until you can afford to buy her expensive presents.

Dating an extremely attractive woman you will be easily manipulated. Of course, all women are good enough at manipulating men, but if a really beautiful one asks you something, you will not have any chance to say “no” to her. Moreover, you will be happy to drop everything to do what she wants.

Dating an extremely attractive woman you might become an unreliable person. Your constant jealousy and the lack of trust can make you be unsafe for the girl; while she needs a strong man to rely on.

So, is there any way out? Or should you never try dating an extremely attractive woman? My dear man, I am asking you not to be afraid and offer you some advice, which will help you in case you are brave enough to win a beautiful woman’s heart:

  1. Stand out in the crowd of other men and you will have the chance to get the woman’s attention.
  2. Do not put an extremely attractive woman on a pedestal. She is used to men being blinded with her beauty and do whatever she asks, so if you behave yourself as if you do not care about her appearance, she will be fascinated.
  3. Pay more attention to HER friends. Usually less beautiful women, who surround your beauty queen, can be unnoticed by men; however, if you pay more attention to a beautiful woman’s friend, she may become jealous. If she sees that you show less interest in her, she will show more interest in you.
  4. Dating an extremely attractive woman try not to shower her with compliments. Instead tease her and joke on her drawbacks. It goes without saying that you must know limits and do not turn your jokes into something offensive. So, teasing a pretty woman, you will definitely stand out of the crowd of men singing odes to her beauty and she will get interested in you.
  5. Try to see the extremely attractive woman’s inner world. Very often men see such girls as sexual objects and do not care much about their interests and hobbies. Ask her about her free time and her likes, and she will be grateful that you do not look at her face only.
  6. Trying to win her, play an unavailable man. Do not try to get her into bed immediately, as most men would do this. Remember, it is better to wait sometimes, than try to persuade her for ages.

Finally, it is not necessary to be a respectable, powerful and rich man to date an extremely attractive woman. Just stay calm, play your game and you will find the most beautiful ladies at your feet.