Single ladies, married ladies, ladies in their 20th and in their 50th and even 15 years old girls – everyone dreams about romance. From the kindergarten little girls know that a prince has to come and rescue a beautiful princess from the evil dragon. He will kiss the princess and the birds will start singing and the deer will start dancing and everyone will live happily after. In this dream everything is romantic. The prince doesn’t tell the charming lady that she is too old or too fat, or her breasts are not big enough. The princess doesn’t tell the prince that he has forgotten to bring her candies. She is grateful that he has killed the dragon and she expects him to have candies back in his castle.

Anyway, lets return to the real world. Today one gentleman that reads our blog at has sent me flowers. I don’t personally know him and we have never met, but he has compliment several articles of mine so I know his name. If you are reading this – Thank you! You have truly added colors to my day!

In my office there were 5 ladies except for myself. The day before yesterday our guru of SEO and Internet PR has married the love of her life. She has received many flowers and attention at her wedding but even she looked at the flowers with some jealousy. This was not the jealousy like “I wish you fall down and die”, this was a positive jealousy like “I wish I also got a flowers-surprise today”. In Ukraine we call such envy or jealousy “white envy”.

I have started to think what did I feel when I got this surprise. I was truly honest with myself. I felt special, I felt that I did a great job writing articles, I felt gratitude and I felt myself beautiful. This was a strange feeling because I have never met this gentleman and I do not have any romantic interest in him, because I am not single. Still simple gesture made me feel special.

My female client has told me that she and her date were having a coffee date. It was late September and it has already started to get colder. The lady was wearing a dress with short sleeves and she herself has chosen a small cozy table in the corner. After 15 minutes of the date she has realized that there are two open windows in the café and the wind is cold. This was the first date so she felt uncomfortable to ask her date to change the table, besides it was small and cozy. Her date has noticed that she has tensed. He stood up, took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders. After that he went to the window and closed it. The lady has realized: 1. He also doesn’t want to change the small cozy table for a big one in the center; 2. He pays attention to her and obviously wants this date to last. They are married for 6 years already.

Another lady, who was in her 40th at that moment, had a second date with the gentleman from Germany, who was in his early 60th. They went to the park and after the ride on the Ferris wheel it has started to rain. It was a warm summer rain but it was growing stronger. She was wearing new shoes with high heels, which she quickly took off to run faster. She said that she felt 17 years old again. He took her hand and they were laughing and running to her car. It felt easy and perfect. They have stopped before the road, which looked like a river at that moment. With one confident movement the gentleman has lifted her in his arms and surely started to cross the “river”. Instead of getting to the car he carried her to the café. They drank hot chocolate and she has realized that he was wet up till his knees. He has noticed the change in her facial expression and said with a warm smile: “Beautiful ladies shouldn’t fight the river”.  Last year this lady came to Ukraine for a short visit. She is happily married and lives in Germany. She said he is her knight from the fairy-tale.

I remember my female client who has suffered a really complicated divorce and for the first time in 17 years she was single. When she has entered the office of our matchmaking agency the first thing that I have noticed were her eyes. They were big beautiful very sad brown eyes. I have talked to her for 40 minutes and have realized that she should be loved. To make the story short – she has started to date. She went on several dates with several gentlemen, nothing serious yet, but she has started to smile again. One day she called my office and told that she knew whom she wanted to be with. This was our male client, who lived in USA at that moment but was originally from the Western Europe. They just had a few dates in Ukraine and have continued their communication by skype. One winter day the delivery service has called that lady.  They have told her there was a parcel for her. She opened it and there was a parka and a note, which said “I know it is very cold in Ukraine right now, and I am almost sure you have forgotten to buy warm clothes. I hope it will keep you warm”.  She said that was the moment she has realized this is the man she wanted to be with. In spring he travelled to Ukraine again and that was the true beginning of their off-line love story. They are happily married and live in USA for 4 years already. Each time I talk to this lady in skype she tells me how handsome and sexy her husband is.

Dear gentleman, I will share with you a great secret. Ukrainian ladies crave for attention and romance. If you want to appear as the sexiest and strongest man you should win her with romance and attention. Make her feel beautiful, wanted and sexy with your action and she will reward you with her tenderness, love and care in return. Be her knight and she will be your princess. I wish you strong mutual everlasting love!

Svetlana Mukha, with love