You have been using the matchmaker’s help for some time and she has managed to find some good ladies from Ukraine who you want to meet. One of the most important questions apart from how to behave, what to say and what to do during your first date is the question: what is the best time to come to Ukraine.

Well, to tell you the truth, the best time to come to any place depends on your intentions and free time. However, there is one factor, which influences our (girls’) mood – weather. And I advice you to think carefully which time of year to choose. So here is my rating of the seasons (a woman’s point of view):

spring dating

  1. If I wanted to meet some Ukrainian girls, I would definitely choose spring. Here in Ukraine, March, April and May are the months when everything wakes up after winter. Just like nature, Ukrainian girls begin to bloom and shine. When spring comes, ladies from Ukraine hurry to take off warm clothes and it is actually hard for men to walk along the streets, where there are a lot of beautiful girls wearing mini-skirts and high-heeled shoes. I should say, that the weather is very “hot” when spring comes. So if you choose this time to come and meet your chosen one, be sure that she will look stunning and be on the wave of love for communication.  
  2. Summer takes the second place on my rating list for some reasons. Of course, it is a great time for visiting Ukraine because the weather is warm and you can spend a lot of time outdoors walking and enjoying the beautiful views with your girl. However, nowadays summers in Ukraine tend to be too hot, which is not so good for us, ladies from Ukraine, and we can have no wish to go somewhere and meet someone, because air conditioner is our best friend. Still, summer is a good season since you can travel without thinking too much about what clothes to take with you, because the weather is good, to many places like the Carpathian mountains, or enjoy the warm water of the Black Sea. Be sure that your lady will be active and happy to spend time with you.
  3. If you want to visit Ukraine in autumn, you will surely be surprised to see so many colours in the street! The only thing I love autumn for is that it is the most beautiful season of the year since the leaves of the trees become red, golden and even brown. So when you go outside, you seem to get into an artist’s studio. That is why, if you are a creative person and have passion for art, you will be impressed with the beauty that you will see in autumn. However, what makes me dislike this season is the weather. In autumn it is not so warm, the sun rarely appears and it can often rain, which makes many ladies from Ukraine feel melancholic at that time. That is why, if you come to see your lady in autumn, be ready to support her and give her much attention.
  4. Number four on my list is the season which seems to me the least suitable for dating. As you have guessed it is winter. Of course, every season is beautiful in its way, and when first snow falls from the sky, everyone smiles and we are happy to see that winter has come. However, it is a cold time of year and you will not have a chance to spend much time outdoors. In winter, ladies from Ukraine, tend to spend as much time as possible indoors, somewhere in a warm place. So, if you come to Ukraine in winter, you will have to spend your dates in restaurants, cinemas or other indoor leisure facilities.

Finally, I want to tell you, that the rating you have just read is for you to learn a bit about Ukraine. And if you have found the lady you want to meet and she is also for having a date with you, you must not wait for spring to come. The main thing to do, is to remember that love does not look out of the window, it does not care about the weather, and if you find your ONE, you will feel comfortable lying on the beach and sunbathing in the summer sun, enjoying spring flowers blooming, walking in a multi-coloured autumn forest or making each other warm in winter in front of the log-fire. So, the best time to come to Ukraine is when you are ready to meet your destiny.