What’s it like to have a Ukrainian girlfriend or wife?

Thinking about what it is like to have a Ukrainian girlfriend or to be married? Ukrainian girls are beautiful and flawless. Most of them get an excellent taste in fashion, they are well-educated, smart, both book-wise and street-wise. Well, you may think we are faux-cocky here for effect, but honestly, looking at it now, what we are going to write is true.

Unfortunately, Slavic ladies get a bad reputation for the whole “mail order bride” business, but we are here to shatter that misguided notion. A vast majority of women in our country don’t sell themselves to European or American gentlemen for money. They usually marry humans they genuinely like, which brings us to the next point. More likely than not, Ukrainian wives are fearless, and essentially dream ladies, sharing traditional family values, being loyal and supportive.

One thing that makes foreign men search for love and romance in Eastern European countries is the well-preserved femininity of Slavic women. While traditional gender roles tend to reconsider in the west, Ukrainian girls still expect a man to be a protector and provider of the family. A woman’s happiness lies within her marriage, husband, and kids.

Certainly, it doesn’t mean your better half won’t have any ambitions beyond her husband and children. Having a degree or two is highly encouraged in Ukraine, and many women gladly pursue their careers. Nevertheless, they prioritize family above anything else, and their biggest dream is to meet a compatible man to settle down with.

If a girl from Ukraine has fallen in love with you, it means, you’ve hit a jackpot. She will definitely be a fantastic lover, a caring mother to your children, and an amazing housekeeper. Furthermore, she may be a magnificent cook. However, if you want to get a Ukrainian wife happy, you should appreciate her contribution to your life, treat her with respect and do your best to help her even if she doesn’t ask.