Where to Find Trustworthy Ukraine Single Women

This is a very popular question! We receive it all the time from the subscribers of our YouTube channel with practical dating tips and advice.

Many foreigners believe that there are tons of single girls in Ukraine, and they all dream to relocate. There are websites with galleries of “brides from the Ukraine” and for a small fee you can chat or exchange letters with glamorous beauties from the photos. That’s what smart cunning marketers sell to lonely guys who have spent the whole lockdown just with the iPhone, computer, and Netflix for entertainment.

In real life girls from Ukraine are not desperate to find love and to leave the country. The majority prefers to date locally, and only exceptionally very romantic, and open-minded women consider international dating.

Unfortunately, many people often associate international dating with pay-per-letter dating sites that have a strong presence online but are not popular at all in real offline life. Local women simply have never heard of them or find them cheesy and trashy.

Of course, online dating is also very popular in Ukraine. Singles often use Tinder and Badoo and like everywhere in the world complain about the quality of candidates there.

As a matchmaker who runs a premium boutique matchmaking service I often work with local gentlemen as well. They also struggle with finding true love. Not so long ago I had an interview with a local Ukrainian man in his early 30s. He is a computer engineer at a branch of a big American company. Most of his colleagues are male. Most of his female colleagues are married or have boyfriends or are not interested in him or he doesn’t feel attracted to them. He took a Pilates class in his gym hoping to improve his options here, but again he was out of luck. Ukrainian women in the class were either taken or didn’t have the characteristics he was looking for.

I think it is important to point out that this man is quite handsome, tall, never married, doesn’t have kids yet, and has traditional family values. He also has a stable promising career and is easy-going. Why couldn’t he meet the one?

His married friends and sisters have tried to play a matchmaker and to set him up. He has confessed that it was a total waste of time and he had to face lots of disappointments. The dates were awkward. One of the ladies had lots of tattoos and he never was into tattoos, another lady couldn’t stop talking about her ex, and the third girl felt so shy they couldn’t build a conversation.

The gentlemen have grumbled that it was almost impossible to approach someone on a street or while buying groceries because everyone seems to be swallowed up into their gadgets. A few times he was discouraged by women who have turned him down in a not discreet way.

So, if local Ukrainian men struggle with finding someone special, can it be easy for a foreigner who doesn’t speak Russian or Ukrainian to meet Ukrainian girls who not only are single and match his criteria and characteristics and at the same time are open to date someone who represents another culture and potentially to relocate?

Don’t worry, we don’t try to convince you that the only option to meet someone serious and real is signing up with a marriage agency in Ukraine.
My friend met her now-husband at the petrol station. She was running out of gas, and it was a self-serving gas station, and she has struggled with the gasoline pump because usually there is someone at the station who does it. Anyway, her now-husband has jumped in and has helped – rescued her from an empty tank. One can say it was destiny. Others will claim they just got lucky. This friend of mine has struggled for years to find someone who shares her values and long-term goals. She was looking on dating sites, Facebook, dating apps and has asked friends to set her up with their single friends. Why didn’t she join my agency? Well, she didn’t speak English and was reluctant to change the country of living.

What to do if you find the looks and traits of Ukrainian women appealing? Where to be looking for them? The answer is predictable – go to Ukraine. If you learn the language, on the one hand, it can make things easier, on the other hand, you will still speak with an accent and will represent another culture.

The easiest and the priciest way is to hire a professional matchmaker. It only looks like the priciest option. A matchmaker will introduce you to several matches who tick your boxes but also who are single, looking for a relationship, romantic and easy-going enough to consider international dating and who share your values and long-term goals. You won’t have to invest time and money into hundreds of first dates but will just go out with a few candidates who were preselected especially for you.

After all, where you invest your love, you invest your life.