Worst and best compliments to give while dating a Ukrainian woman

Sometimes amiabilities are a minefield, especially when it comes to international dating. Gentlemen often mean well but could wind up looking like total jerks when they drop bad words. You are able to ask your friends or find help online, but there is no guru for complimenting women. The best technique is to speak from your heart, but even then, your mouth may get in the way of what you mean. What are the best compliments for women or great words to flatter, to compliment a woman? What is the worst thing to say to a Ukrainian girl?
Here are three sentences gentlemen say to ladies, which aren’t necessarily pleasant to hear.

“You look fantastic for your age!” People don’t have to cheat their age to be amazing. The perfect substitute is simply saying, “You look fantastic!”
“I like your feminine physique. Did you lose weight?” Accompanying a point about a girl’s appearance with a comment on her weight suggests that a lady only looks great if she weighs less than she did. Furthermore, you’re suggesting that before she lost weight, she wasn’t attractive.

“I didn’t think you would be this fun!” It is intended to be a flattering remark, but it may leave a person a little irked. The lady may consider herself a sociable person with a good sense of humor and the fact you didn’t perceive her that way initially could make the female feel a little bit sad.

Generics and repeating the same details is not a good idea. Be specific. It’s great to say “I think, your dress is lovely,” “I like your haircut,” but if you’re repetitive from the date to date and pay particular attention only to the appearance, you’d better practice different examples of how or why you like what the girl did. Not only will it make your comment sincere and effective, but it’ll also help you notice more details. If you be more specific about the female’s personal traits and experience you admire, she will be extremely grateful.

While telling ladies their haircut or outfit is cute isn’t a bad thing, it shouldn’t be the only thing you adore. It’s important to remind women that their thoughts, actions, and words matter, and their uniqueness as an individual makes them valuable. In particular, if a Slavic girl is learning English or trying her best to speak a foreign language, hand it to her pronunciation, vocabulary, and determined efforts. If she has a university degree in mathematics or economics, in law or linguistics, explain why it seems impressive.

Finally, telling someone you enjoy the person’s company is about the simplest, sincerest flattering remark on earth. It’s humble and undramatic, but it’s always nice to hear from a man he finds a person easy-going and pleasant to spend the hours with.

Soft words are a simple way to strengthen a relationship and improve the self-esteem of your partner. The key is to make them thoughtful, specific, and related to things other than the woman’s appearance. If you’re being genuine and pointing out aspects you truly like about your date, you can’t go too far wrong. So be generous with your verbal affection, and hopefully, she will return the favor!