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    Ukrainian girls’ lifestyle 

    Have you ever hunted or fished? Even if you haven’t, you definitely know that going on such activities with the intention to succeed and have a good catch, one must learn about their prey as much as possible: habits, likes, dislikes, etc. Therefore, if you, my dear reader, want to find a beautiful Ukrainian woman […]

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    The top 10 qualities Ukrainian women like in foreign men

    Why would a beautiful Ukrainian woman choose a man from abroad? What is it that attracts Ukrainian girls to foreign men? To tell you the truth, it is not the first time that we are discussing this issue. However, the fact that this question arises, makes us feel happy, my dear reader, that we can […]

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    Find a Ukrainian girl of your dreams at a matchmaking agency

    Even having been in relationship for many years a man might start thinking whether his girlfriend fits in with the image of an ideal woman that he has created in his mind or not. Very often such thoughts lead him to the conclusion that she is not the ONE and after that a painful breakup […]

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    Ukrainian Brides: 5 Reasons To Marry Them

    When you find a Ukrainian girl that you would like to marry, but are not sure whether your marriage will be a good idea for some reasons, you might be interested to know why Ukrainian brides are so desired.  Ukrainian Brides: 5 Reasons To Marry Them The first reason is definitely that all Ukrainian brides […]

  • how to spend holidays with a girl

    10 dating tips to men on how to spend holidays with your lady

    Having holidays together is quite a challenge both for the couples, who have been together for a long time and for those, who have just started dating. However, if you follow the tips from our matchmaker, you will have a good rest and enjoy being with each other. Dating tip from matchmaker #1. Discuss the […]

  • dating a taller woman

    What do Ukrainian girls think about dating a shorter guy?

    It has always been a matter of discussion what is important for love. Is it important to be of the same age, or is it OK if one of love partners is older than the other? Does it really matter if you or your beloved has a child from previous relationship? Is it really important […]

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    What do Ukrainian girls think about dating an older guy?

    In our articles, we often say that love sees no age and boundaries and we DO believe that it is true. However, very often our male clients, who are thinking of dating a Ukrainian woman ask us the same question: can I date a younger lady? Are you sure that she will want to date […]

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    Traditional family values vs Western mindset. What to expect with a Ukrainian wife?

    Family is considered to be very important in Ukrainian culture. That is why almost every Ukrainian girl wishes to get married and have a friendly, happy family with traditions that will bring the kids and their parents closer.  Usually traditional family values are instilled to young children and when they grow up they pass them […]

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    Easy Ways to Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy

    Have you ever asked yourself what exactly your girl wants, if what she asks for is not what she has expected from you?  At least once in a lifetime you’ve probably witnessed or experienced such a situation: the girl is looking at a man as if she is going to jump on him and tear […]

  • tinder in Ukraine

    Tinder in Ukraine vs Tinder in USA. Overview of males.

    We are often asked if Tinder in Ukraine is as popular as in other countries. To tell you the truth, the interest to dating applications is growing every day and Tinder is not an exception. However, those girls, who use this application often say that there is no hope to find an adequate man for […]