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    Why are there so many divorced women in Ukraine?

      According to the researches as to the divorce rate in Ukraine, about 11% of Ukrainians are divorced nowadays. Interestingly, that the number of divorced women is twice as big as the number of men.  The question arises: why the situation is like this. We have looked into this issue and come up with several […]

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    5 Things to Know Before Having Interracial Kids

    According to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine the third part of Ukrainian marriages are international. Ukrainian women have no prejudices against international relationship and foreign husband. They dream about having happy family life filled with the sound of children laughing. If you are really interested in building a strong relationship with Ukrainian woman, consider […]

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    Do Ukrainian women hate Ukrainian men?

    Why do Ukrainian women choose international dating? Working in the business of international matchmaking, I often hear these two questions from our men-clients from abroad. They cannot understand why a Ukrainian woman would go for dating a foreign man. To finally answer these questions, we have decided to share our ideas as well as the […]

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    What qualities in foreign men do Ukrainian women appreciate the most?

    Nowadays it is not unusual to see a Ukrainian woman dating a man from abroad. Personally I think that it is a popular trend for Ukrainian girls to have a foreign boyfriend or husband. Still, the question arises: why? Why do Ukrainian girls choose foreign men? What qualities does an average Ukrainian woman appreciate in […]

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    Dating a Ukrainian girl. What does she expect from you?

    Although there is not a single woman similar to any other and we are all different in character, temper and whims, there is something in common between us: we all want to be happy with the man, who is beside us. In this article I offer you to find out what it is that makes […]

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    10 Tips for Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance

    You have found your love here in Ukraine and are hesitating whether you will manage to keep the relationship on distance? Then our article is for you. From it you will learn what to do and how to date a Ukrainian girl being far from each other. 10 Tips for Dating a Ukrainian girl on […]

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    Dating a Ukrainian girl. How to make the right choice?

    Both men and women want to see the ONE beside. The one, who will praise, love and respect them. That is why thinking of dating a Ukrainian girl you must also know how to make the right choice. To help you with this, we have prepared several recommendations. So, choosing a life partner you have […]

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    The reasons why Ukrainian Women May Reject You

    Are you going on a date with a Ukrainian girl? Are you worried? Do you think she can reject you? Not to get into trouble, read our article and find out what to avoid not to get a «no» from a girl. The reasons why Ukrainian Women May Reject You Ukrainian women can reject you […]

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    A day in the life of a typical Ukrainian woman

    Several decades ago a typical answer to the question what the usual day of a Ukrainian woman is could be as follows: She wakes up before sunrise. Washes her face with fresh water brought from the well. Has breakfast and starts her working day. She has to milk the cows, clean the barn, feed hens, […]

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    Why have you decided to join Interview with Ukrainian girls

    We are often asked how we have managed to get such a big choice of beautiful Ukrainian girls as the clients of our matchmaking agency. No matter what I could write about that, it would not compare to the answers of Ukrainian girls, who have decided to join So, here is what we have […]