Dating Ukrainian ladies

  • Choosing-the-Best

    How to choose marriage agency and not to be scammed?

    To write this article I myself decided to do a research and choose a marriage agency to register my profile. What if I would be lucky enough to find my soul mate while doing my interesting job. I was really surprised to see how many agencies exist in online world. How to choose the right […]

  • ukrainian girls

    Do Ukrainian women trust horoscopes?

    Horoscopes have been a part of our life for a long time. A lot of people read them, some for entertainment other trust horoscopes and plan their life according to astrological forecast, waiting for pleasant or unfavorable events. What do Ukrainian women think of astrology and horoscopes? We have conducted a survey among our clients […]

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    International relationships. What can go wrong?

    I believe that what may make international couples more challenging also makes them more interesting.  You never know who are you going to be with and what the universe has prepared for you. You can dream about a tall blond beautiful Ukrainian lady but instead to fall in love with a charming Chinese woman. As […]

  • Olga Kurylenko

    Top 10 sexiest celebrities

    Ukraine is a very rich country of soil, nature and beautiful women of course. It`s not a secret that Ukrainian women are one of the most beautiful and feminine girls of the world. Like every country Ukraine has numerous of celebrities. Let`s have a look at these famous, educated, hardworking and sexy ladies. Sexy celebrity […]

  • ukrainian ladies want marriage

    Why do Ukrainian women want to get married?

    Being a part of a matchmaking agency team, I have heard this question more than once. How can I answer it? Well, probably it goes from our (Ukrainian women’s) childhood. All children like fairytales. And the main string in our Ukrainian fairytales is that there is always a beautiful girl, who has some troubles like […]

  • Ukrainian beauty

    Finding love in Ukraine

    Love is a feeling which has no age, color and boundaries. So there is nothing unusual if a man decides to find love in Ukraine, outside his country. Moreover, there are a lot of foreign men, who would like to have a Ukrainian woman as a wife. Why? Let us take a closer look at […]

  • what ukr lady doesn't want

    What a Ukrainian woman doesn’t want from you

    The moment when you see a woman and understand she is the person you like is magic. The feeling you get make you ask her for a date or a meeting to get to know her personality. Regardless the experience you have in dating women and relationships, when a woman is special and you feel it […]

  • ukrainian ladies priorities

    Are Ukrainian women homemakers or social climbers?

    This is the question which interests a lot of men seeking a wife in Ukraine. However, there is no single answer, since there is no same person on this planet. Therefore, I can start with telling you that some of Ukrainian women are still homemakers, who appreciate being housewives, while others are sheer social climbers, […]

  • flowers for a ukrainian lady

    How to choose flowers for a Ukrainian lady?

    The best fragrant gift is the flowers. Unearthly, open, tender they stretch their petals towards life as the embodiment of love and beauty. Therefore, all the girls love to receive them as a gift so much, and men like giving them. However, each girl not only has her favorite flowers, it also turns out each […]

  • right time for sex

    When is the right time for sex with a Ukrainian lady?

    This is a very touchy topic. When you start dating someone and especially when this someone represents another culture the sex question can be tricky. We all know how important is timing when you just start building new relationship. It is so important to give the right impression and not to ruin it at the […]