Dating Ukrainian ladies

  • intelligent man with a violin

    Is intelligence sexy? Or Do Ukrainian women love clever men?

    Not long ago I have come across the following “cry of soul” on the Internet: I want a clever man. Not the one who will suppress my brain with irrational equations or difficult mathematical formulas. I want the one, who wears shirts and lets his woman wear one of his favourites. There is nothing better […]

  • romantic ladies

    True Romance or are Ukrainian ladies romantic?

    A romantic woman, unfortunately, is a rare phenomenon nowadays. In modern world, the representatives of the fair sex have become all-sufficient, self-confident, well educated and rather cynical. However, it seems to me that Ukrainian ladies have managed to remain real women, which is obvious, if you have at least one look at them. First, let […]

  • movie for home

    Top 5 nontrivial romantic movies for V-day to watch with your Ukrainian lady

    There are three types of men: those who don’t like to watch movies about love, those who do and those, who will watch it with his woman to please her. If you belong to the second or third group – your woman is a lucky one! ☺ But movies from our list will be interesting […]

  • date a lady

    Why should you date a Ukrainian lady?

    Men, who start looking for their wife and soulmate in Ukraine, know what they are looking for in ladies here. But for Ukrainian tender natural beauty, petite dimensions, it is also character that matters very much. Usually people, who are looking for serious relationship, who want to marry, to have a decent partner to grow […]

  • pure beauty in Ukraine

    Dating a Ukrainian lady. First aid by Diolli.

    Every international relationship is a fascinating experience. To be in relationships with a person who was raised with a worldview different from yours challenges your thinking and will never make you bored. Here come so obvious advantages like opportunity to learn new culture, language, cuisine. There is so much to explore in your beloved. Running […]

  • live with the parents

    A 30 year old woman living with parents: love or run?

    We are touching a very tricky question today – women from Ukraine who live with parents… is it normal?  It differs all around the world. In more patriarchal countries it is unacceptable and even dangerous for a woman to live alone before marriage. And it is vice versa in well-developed and democratic countries – for […]

  • perfect gift

    Perfect New Year gift for your Ukrainian lady

    Why do we love the New Year? Yes, the reason is we have another opportunity to bring joy to the people we love and buy them presents. What do you like more – to give or to get presents? Of course the most precious thing in presents and gifts is no doubts the attention you […]

  • new year films

    Top 5 New year films Ukrainians like watching

    When Ukrainians think of what to do during the New Year holidays, they definitely remember to watch one or all of the following films, which have become an inseparable part of every New Year celebration in every Ukrainian home. So, here are top 5 most watched New year films in Ukraine. The most popular New […]

  • to celebrate christmas

    How single ladies celebrate Christmas and the New Year

    It is not a secret that the New Year and Christmas are considered to be family holidays around the world. It is a usual thing, especially for Ukrainian people to distribute responsibilities for the family members: the husband buys the Christmas tree, the wife prepares food for the festive table and the children help the […]

  • ukrainian women

    Can all Ukrainian women cook well?

    There is a belief that all Ukrainian women are good housewives and can cook really well. To tell you the truth, I would not like to generalize. It seems to me, that women all over the world are good cooks because it is in their nature. Even if a girl says she cannot cook, it […]