Dating Ukrainian ladies

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    Why do Ukrainian women go to matchmaking agencies?

    One can say that every Ukrainian woman longs for creating a family and looks for her better half. Today it can easily be done with the help of the Internet dating sites, social networks, or going to matchmaking agencies. There are many reasons which can make Ukrainian women look for a husband abroad: despair, distrust […]

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    Rumors about Ukrainian girls or can you really buy “love” in Ukraine?

    Working in the dating industry for almost 10 years I have faced the biggest cliché that any gentleman from the USA or Western Europe can easily buy “true love” of a much younger beautiful Ukrainian girls. Let’s start with defining love. Let’s agree from the very beginning that we are speaking about the strong mutual […]

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    How to make compliments in Ukrainian easily?

    I hope you will agree that a woman is a creature that likes compliments and nice words. That is why, when you want to make something pleasant and show that you care about a woman, you start with saying something good about her. But what shall you do if you and your woman speak different […]

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    Do Ukrainian ladies speak Ukrainian or Russian?

    What is the Ukrainian language like? If you have decided to look for your better half in Ukraine, you may have asked yourself this question. The first answer that may come to your mind is the Ukrainian language. However, people who have been to Ukraine may tell you that Ukrainian girls speak Russian. Sounds quite […]

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    How to maintain long-distance relationship with the Ukrainian lady

    Let’s assume you have already travelled to Ukraine where you had several really romantic successful dates with beautiful family oriented Ukrainian lady. You have survived and actually enjoyed first dinner date at the cozy restaurant. You were witty, romantic, charming and you haven’t forgotten to bring her flowers and to open the doors for her. […]

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    Should I mention to the Ukrainian lady about my previous visits to Ukraine?

    I have decided to bring up this topic because several clients of mine have asked me this same question last week. One of the gentlemen, for example, has already travelled to Kharkov, Ukraine and had several dates, but unfortunately none of these dates turned out into lasting relationship. Well, this is life and it happens. […]

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    What is sexy for a Ukrainian lady?

    Single ladies, married ladies, ladies in their 20th and in their 50th and even 15 years old girls – everyone dreams about romance. From the kindergarten little girls know that a prince has to come and rescue a beautiful princess from the evil dragon. He will kiss the princess and the birds will start singing […]

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    When is the right time to talk about sex with the Ukrainian lady?

    Yesterday we were hosting a tea-party for our female clients at It was a warm summer Sunday and we have decided to organize it in the park to catch some sun and to gossip a little about dating. We had a special guest who has attended – our happy pregnant engaged client who has […]

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    How to date a beautiful Ukrainian girl who is 15-20 years younger than you?

    Last week I have spent several hours on Facebook spying at my ex-clients. There was nothing criminal in my activities. To be honest I wanted to find out when were the birthdays of my ex clients. I am not very good with the dates but I remembered that the ladies have their birthdays at the […]

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    Correspondence and long-distance communication with Ukrainian ladies

    Today I want to discuss the topic of correspondence and long-distance communication. I was inspired to this topic by a client of mine who just refuses to understand how to communicate with the ladies online. Rule number 1. “Don’t act crazy” If you have sent lady a message in skype, messenger or chat and the […]