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  • Tinder in Ukraine: True stories from Ukrainian girls

    Nowadays, people have started using Tinder in Ukraine widely. Some of them want to find their true love; others seek for a one-night relationship. Why do Ukrainian women use it and what do they get in reality? Interested? Then read our article to find out what Ukrainian girls think about Tinder in Ukraine. Elena, 27. […]

  • tinder in ukraine

    Types of girls you will find on Ukrainian Tinder

    Nowadays internet is overloaded with dating sites, which, in turn, have a wide variety of users. In this article we have decided to go through the women-characters you can meet using Tinder in Ukraine.   Queens-to-be. They have been waiting for their prince since childhood. The pictures in their profiles are superb. Their image makes […]

  • hot girls

    What is the difference between ‘beautiful’ and ‘hot’?

    Does “hot” always mean beautiful? And vice versa does beautiful always mean hot? What is the definition of “hot”? Is it the same for everyone? I`ve decided to ask some of my male friends how they imagine a hot girl to help me actually identify her. Dennis 33 y.o.: I will find a girl hot […]

  • Charming-Ukrainian

    5 Hottest Female Professions in Ukraine

    It is a well-known fact that Ukrainian women are famous by their beauty. There are so many gorgeous, stylish ladies you can see walking on the streets. Do all of them work as models? You will be surprised but they are not actually. For example, that beautiful woman in a nice dress and blond curly […]

  • feminism

    Is feminism destroying the institution of marriage?

    Nowadays it has become quite a commonplace situation to call feminism the reason why a lot of marriages around the world either get destroyed or never happen to be. Let us look at this issue closer and try to think whether it is true that feminism is destroying the institution of marriage or not. Is […]

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    What do Ukrainian women think about Germans?

    U can find so many articles and videos about Ukrainian women, how they look, what they like, what they are looking for in men. Let`s find out what do Ukrainian women think about German men. Germans are handsome and tall. One of my Ukrainian friend who was in Hamburg last summer kept telling me how […]

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    What do Ukrainian women think of Americans?

    Men from all over the world heard about Ukrainian women. I`ll not open you America by telling that they are quite famous by their beauty and family values. By the way, as we mentioned America, it would be interesting to know what Ukrainian women think about American men. Do they have something in common? Are […]

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    What do Ukrainian women think about Ukrainian men?

    Ukrainian men don`t really appreciate what they have. They are born in the country with one of the most beautiful women in the whole world. Ukrainian men speak the same language as Ukrainian women but still can`t find understanding sometimes. One of the social surveys identified three points of what Ukrainian women would like to […]

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    What do Ukrainian women think about Asians?

    Ukrainian women didn`t know a lot of information about Asian men until recently. Nowadays they are getting more curious about Asian culture, Asian way of thinking and of course about Asian men. What common characteristics do they have, what do they value in life, what kind of women they are attracted to? I`ve decided to […]

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    Are Ukrainian girls the most beautiful in the world?

    Do you remember the magic mirror from the Snow White fairy tale? The stepmother of Snow White always kept asking to the Magic Mirror: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who in this land is fairest of all?” Unfortunately we don`t have the mirror like that but nowadays we have google. After I have done some […]