Dating Ukrainian ladies

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    Things you should know about dating a younger girl

    Let us imagine such a situation: there are two people, who are attracted to each other. She is beautiful, young and attractive; he is energetic, successful and interested in her. What should he do, if his girlfriend is about 10 years younger? The main task for him is to build long-term relationship, of course. How […]

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    Tips for dating a Ukrainian woman

    You have finally found HER and are ready to come to Ukraine. However, what is the best way to approach her? How to conduct a date? If you go through our tips for dating a Ukrainian woman, you will be all armed when time comes. Tip for dating № 1. Make the correct positioning The first […]


    5 myths about Ukrainian women looking for love abroad

    “I`m not what you think I am. You are what you think I am” There are so many myths about Ukrainian women. Some of them are good and some of them not really. Where is the truth? The truth is you can`t define people according to their nationalities, skin color or sexual genders. Let`s dispel […]

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    Pros and cons of dating a Ukrainian woman

    You have heard a thousand times that love has no boundaries. However, dating a person from another country can have some hidden pitfalls. In this article, we offer you to look at some characteristic features of Ukrainian girls and you will have a chance to decide whether these are pros or cons of dating a […]

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    How to Date Ukrainian Girls Over 30

    As we have already written in many of our articles, love language is the same for people around the world. Therefore, if you want to know how to date Ukrainian girls after 30, the answer will be simple:  be yourself first of all and follow the rules which will help you to be on top. […]

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    How to date young Ukrainian girls

    Having relationship with a girl, who is younger than you, is quite a controversial issue. Although it is believed that a good marriage is the one in which a man is about five years older than a woman, it happens so, that Cupid does not care about the age and makes so that you fall […]

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    Dating advice for men in their 40s

    A famous saying goes: when it comes to love, it’s never too late. So, it does not matter if you are 20 or 40 and haven’t found your ONE yet, you will definitely be looking for her. However, when you meet a girl that you like, you will have to make some efforts to either […]

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    10 fun activities for couples

    When you are crazy in love you want to spend time only with your lady. You don`t notice what is going on around you. You have to make the stories up for your friends to explain why you can`t meet them for so long. You want to stay in your perfect full of love world […]

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    Amazing date ideas for couples

    Impress your lady, surprise her, spoil her. Ladies love it. Be extraordinary in arranging a date for your beloved woman. There are several amazing date ideas to help you to win the heart of your special one. Date idea #1 Romantic dinner on the roof. The perfect time for this type of date is summer, […]

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    Top 5 romantic places in Ukraine

    It`s getting colder and colder outside. Winter time makes us thinking about romance and love more often. Why not to travel to the romantic places and to inspire yourself? Or if you haven`t planned the trip or don`t have time to do it, just make yourself comfortable on a couch and read this article about […]