Dating Ukrainian ladies

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    Dating advice for men in their 40s

    A famous saying goes: when it comes to love, it’s never too late. So, it does not matter if you are 20 or 40 and haven’t found your ONE yet, you will definitely be looking for her. However, when you meet a girl that you like, you will have to make some efforts to either […]

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    10 fun activities for couples

    When you are crazy in love you want to spend time only with your lady. You don`t notice what is going on around you. You have to make the stories up for your friends to explain why you can`t meet them for so long. You want to stay in your perfect full of love world […]

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    Amazing date ideas for couples

    Impress your lady, surprise her, spoil her. Ladies love it. Be extraordinary in arranging a date for your beloved woman. There are several amazing date ideas to help you to win the heart of your special one. Date idea #1 Romantic dinner on the roof. The perfect time for this type of date is summer, […]

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    Top 5 romantic places in Ukraine

    It`s getting colder and colder outside. Winter time makes us thinking about romance and love more often. Why not to travel to the romantic places and to inspire yourself? Or if you haven`t planned the trip or don`t have time to do it, just make yourself comfortable on a couch and read this article about […]

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    How Ukrainian girls spend Valentine’s Day?

    Everyone is looking forward to 14 February and it is not a secret why. All over the world people celebrate St Valentine’s Day on that date wishing to make this holiday a memorable one for their dear ones. Of course, every country has its own ways to celebrate this or that festival and Ukraine is […]

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    To kiss or not to kiss: that is the question

    Life is all about timing. We are always wondering when is the right time to arrange your private life, when is the right time to start a serious relationship, when is the right time to kiss her for the first time? It`s difficult to answer all these questions because it`s so individual for everyone. I […]

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    10 romantic restaurants in Kharkov

    Kharkov is a big city that can offer you plenty of entertainments, restaurants and bars, services that work for you 24/7. Citizens of big cities will truly appreciate it and our guests from small towns will be very surprised by variety of romantic, modern or historical places what Kharkov can offer them. Romance is so […]

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    Welcome to romantic Kharkov! 

    I want to introduce you to the city you might have never heard about but that definitely deserves to be visited at least once. Welcome to Kharkov! Kharkov is a very romantic city. There are plenty of romantic cafes, streets, monuments, places to go. Even Kharkov climate is romantic. Romantic Kharkov in summer Kharkov has four […]

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    Top 10 things to do in Kharkov in 2018

    Are you planning to visit Kharkov in 2018 but hesitate whether you will have something interesting to do? Then our article will be of major interest, as it will tell you about how you can spend your time in our amazing city. The first of the things to do in Kharkov, especially in January-March is […]

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    Tips from matchmaker to men who are ready to settle

    How it often happens you wake up in the morning in your 40s (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) with the conviction that you are ready to settle. Usually it comes to people unexpectedly. The main signs that you are ready to settle down are: -You are not so enthusiastic about night out in the clubs anymore. […]