10 amazing winter activities in Kharkov!

To begin with, we are always looking forward to winter in Ukraine. Winter in Kharkov seems to be a fabulous season, although the weather isn’t likely to be the best one. We’d like to offer you a list of the most popular activities in Ukraine appropriate for winter time.

1. Indoor active rest. Perhaps, you cannot even imagine how many activities you’re able to find: bowling, ice skating, quest rooms, billiards. If you ask locals, it’ll be their pleasure to advise you of something really fascinating to enjoy.

2. Attending exhibitions. Visiting a museum could be a real adventure that brings tons of joy. While in Ukraine an average temperature in winter ranges from a high of 10 degrees Celsius to a low of -30° C, a wide variety of art galleries can satisfy any choosy art lover.

3. A crazy party. If you are lucky enough to be invited to a party, do not hesitate to go. You’ll definitely like a relaxed atmosphere.

4. Indoor sports. If you’re a big fan of sports, go to the gym or swimming pool and spend your spare time doing exercises together with your significant other.

5. Snowsport. Skating, snowboarding and sledding are able to bring you positive emotions and make you feel excited.

6. Skiing. Nothing feels as good as the wind whistling through your hair as you slalom down the slopes in sparkling winter sunshine. If you don’t have enough elevation where you live, try skiing instead.

7. Going to the cinema. A metropolitan city can offer a great variety of movies to watch. Besides, if you want to spend a romantic evening with your better half, a private viewing or rooftop rendezvous can be arranged.

8. Hiking. Grab your boots, bundle up and take a walk in the woods. Getting out into the fresh air will lift your spirits, even in the cold weather.

9. A Night Walk. When it gets dark in what feels like mid-afternoon, many of us feel like just heading to bed. Instead, try embracing the darkness by taking an evening walk. Take a moment to enjoy the stars, look at how cozy homes look all lit up or take in the city lights.

10. Shopping. We know shopping doesn’t solve problems but it can sure help distract you in the moment. When the winter slog has you feeling down, treat yourself to a cute surprise or just a fancy cup of coffee to lift your spirits.