Winter… It is the time of the year not really loved by many Ukrainians because the weather is mostly cold and people have no desire to spend much time outdoors. However, Kharkov has a big choice of winter activities you can do indoors, especially if you are on a date with a nice Ukrainian lady. So, let’s take a closer look at them.

  1. Probably the first of winter activities you can do with your date, though banal it may seem, is to go to a café or a restaurant. Ask your matchmaker to organize you a date in one of numerous Kharkov restaurants and you will agree that there is nothing better than staying in a warm place with a cup of hot tea on a cold winter day. You both will enjoy light music and have a chance to discuss different things from each other’s life.
  2. The second winter activity I cannot help mentioning is going to the cinema. Of course, since Kharkov is a big city, there are many cinemas, which can offer you a great variety of films to watch. However, if you really want to spend a romantic evening with your woman, you can think of organizing a kind of a private film show. It is a very popular activity nowadays. Not more than fifty people gather in one place and watch an interesting movie. While watching they drink tea, eat biscuits and sweets and hug their better half. It is really romantic.
  3. Visiting museums and art galleries take the next step in our list of winter activities in Kharkov. Our city has many exhibitions, which can satisfy any choosy art lover. The exhibitions are constantly renewed and you can see the creations of modern artists as well as those of masters of classic art. Isn’t winter a good time to plunge into the world of art?
  4. Indoor active rest. What is meant by this? Oh, you cannot even imagine how many indoor winter activities you will find inside the biggest malls of our city: bowling, cinema, ice skating, quest rooms, billiards, lots of cafes, and such like. So, if you ask your matchmaker, they will help you find the best way to have a good time.
  5. The next way you can spend a cold winter day without freezing, is to attend some master classes. In Kharkov you can visit a pottery class, a drawing class, learn to stain glass or even have a private dance class. I think it is very romantic and both you and your date will enjoy each other’s company and will long remember this experience.
  6. It is also good to visit some friends. If your lady decides to invite you to see a friend of hers, or if you are lucky to be invited to a Ukrainian party, do not hesitate. You must go and enjoy meeting new people and communicating in a relaxed atmosphere.
  7. Another winter activity that no woman can resist is… shopping of course. It is a good way to spend a couple of hours first because you will be inside, secondly because you will have a chance to make a small present to your lady, or even get a present from her. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, but even buying an unusual key ring to your date can make your day.  
  8. If both of you like sports, you can have a sports training together. Isn’t that fun? Go to the gym or the swimming pool and spend the time doing exercises together and helping each other. What else can be as useful and interesting?
  9. The next good idea to have a great time is to organize a photo-shoot. It can be done outside in the snow, or you can choose some New Year decorations with the New Year tree, presents and fire place. And after the photo-shoot take a car and go to the most special places around the city. But you have to think over the route first. Your matchmaker can be of great help with it.   
  10. Finally, if you enjoy winter and like spending time outdoors, in Kharkov you will find many real winter activities like skiing, skating, snowboarding and sledging.

So, if you are lucky to be in Kharkov in winter, you will definitely not get bored and will enjoy your stay here. You can also visit another places in Ukraine during your winter holidays.