This the most romantic and the coziest time of the year offers us various ways how to spend time to enjoy yourself, with use for health and with the opportunity to get to know a person you like better. If you happen to be in Ukraine in winter, you are a lucky person. To sit in a boring hotel room or to get warm in mediocre restaurants? No way, call your girlfriend, pack your trunks, take warm clothes and thermos and be ready for the journey. Here is your map of interesting exciting unforgettable winter activities in Ukraine.

1. Cultural weekend

Ukraine definitely has a color and winter is a great time to relish it. Among all picturesque places here, the best to visit is Shevchenko’s grove (“Shevchenkivskiy Hai”), Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural life.
During winter, gay hubbub of verteps (age-old portable puppet theatre) fills the atmosphere and you will learn how fun it is to take part in popular amusements with Christmas carols and sledging.

2. Festival «Christmas flight» in Kamyanets-Podilsky

Winter landscapes of beautiful old city will charm you and your companion at daytime and in the evening you can warm up with tea, popular Christmas dances and famous cereal dish – Kutia.

3. Health-improving thermal springs

Have you ever experienced swimming in cold winter? It can be safe and pleasant if you come to Zakarpatskaya region where the most popular and the hottest thermal spring are situated. It is one of the most interesting winter activities because the contrast between temperatures of water and the air makes it exciting.

4. Flamboyant colors of Petrikovka

If art is your cup of tea – be sure to visit museum of Petrikovka Painting near Dnepropetrovsk, age-old and famous Master Class on painting. You’ll go home with a (master)piece of hand-made painting art that will warm up your soul all subsequent winters.

5. A little bit of everything

Booking a 6 days tour around West regions of Ukraine you book a ticket into real winter fairy tale with all kinds of activities in one tour! I am not sure what is the best here – the magic scenery of the region or the various activities that this tour may include: wine degustation, bath in big tuns, visiting deer farms and winter waterfalls, eating authentic West Ukrainian dishes (of course, no one will let you hungry, believe me) and much more.

 6. Tasty winter activities

When it is so cold outside, I know what you want the most… Eat

Food is the way to hearts of both women and men… so do not deprive yourself and your woman the pleasure the Ukrainian cuisine can offer you… Lviv is undoubtedly the gastronomic capital of Ukraine. It was difficult to choose, but here are 6 the best restaurants for you to visit there: “Kryivka”, “Mazoch-cafe”, “The most expensive restaurant”, “Legend house”, “Gasova lyampa”(“Gas lamp”), “Lviv chocolate manufactory”. Enjoy your meal.  

7. Romantic city

To keep your winter romantic, visit Ukrainian Paris – Chernivtsi. Architecture from Austria-Hungary period was preserved by miracle and is so similar to European one. Walking hand in hand along these streets with a person you love will be your unforgettable memory.   

8. Winter in Grand Duke style

Grand reconstruction of grand Ancient Kiev in park “Kievan Rus” opens its gates for visitors and promises to spend fun time during Christmas and New Year holidays with all kinds of winter activities: Middle Ages festivals, portable theatre, sledging with horses, masquerade. Another real winter fairy tale.

9. Winter walk around Ancient Park

Not far from Kiev, in Bila Tserkva one of the biggest parks in Ukraine and in all Eastern Europe. Romantic ruins and famous China bridge is a perfect background for a winter romantic date. And riding horses together can help to build closer relationships with your lady.

10. For the most active

And finally for the bravest will never miss the chance to go skiing or snowboarding to Bukovel. Internationally well-known winter resort offers all kinds of winter activities. Have never tried skiing? Never mind, there are friendly English-speaking instructors are to your service. What can be better for a couple than to learn new things together and to experience extreme. Are you already a pro? More than 60 traces of three levels will challenge your skills.  

As you can see cold and snowstorms should not prevent you from keeping active and exploring wonderful corners of Ukraine as it is the best time of year to enjoy the warmth of your close person wherever you are.