Top 10 Amazing Winter Activities in Ukraine

If you are going to Ukraine in winter, the great news is that there are plenty of marvelous places to visit. Don’t you think that sitting in a hotel room or getting warm in fancy restaurants and cafes is pretty boring? You’d better pack up your suitcases and try to explore the most beautiful places in Ukraine together with your girlfriend. In case you are wondering what to see and do, we would like to offer useful tips.

Christmas Eve in Kharkiv

In Kharkiv you have an amazing opportunity to see the most beautiful and the most chic Christmas tree in Ukraine, visit a huge skating rink on one of the largest squares in Europe, and walk through the marvellous Central Amusement Park. Also, in winter you can go skiing. A small skiing resort is based on rolling hills.
Health-improving thermal springs

Have you ever experienced swimming in the cold season? Not only will it be safe, but also pleasant if you come to the Carpathian Mountains where one of the most popular hot thermal springs is located. The bracing contrast between the temperatures of water and the air makes the experience extremely exciting.

Winter activities in Kiev

If it snows, the capital of our country is gorgeous. For a vibrant city, cooler weather is never a showstopper. You’re able to go skiing and snowboarding, spend a day in a waterpark, hang around and socialize with people in cozy bars, enjoy Christmas and New Year festivities.

A cultural weekend in Lviv

Ukraine definitely has its own authentical culture and it is a perfect moment to relish it. Among all picturesque locations, Lviv is worth visiting due to the well-known Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, St George’s Cathedral, Market Square with its magnificent Christmas Fair, and High Castle Hill, the perch for the eponymous castle dating to 1250 but dismantled in the 19th century.

Romantic trip

Would you like to visit Ukrainian Paris to admire Austria-Hungarian architecture and one of the oldest universities in Europe? Winter in Ukraine is a great time to go to Chernivtsi and take lots of photos. Walking hand in hand along narrow streets with a person you’re in love with makes an unforgettable memory.

Skiing in Bukovel

The internationally well-known winter resort offers a wide variety of different activities. Also, there are friendly English-speaking instructors. More than 60 traces of three levels challenge your skills. It can compete with popular Swiss resorts due to breathtaking views and high-quality service.

Flamboyant colors of Petrykivka

There is a tiny village in Dnipropetrovsk region. It is one of a few places where folk arts are kept. It was the custom in that village: all women painted huts’ walls with floral colorful patterns. These designs were ornamented by special brushes that were made of cat’s fur, as well as wrapped with soft cloth matches or just with fingers. If you are interested in art, you will probably enjoy a workshop on painting.

Explore Khortytsia National Nature Reserve in Zaporizhzhia

Nature and history blend together at Khortytsia National Nature Reserve, filled with historical sites like the extensive museum of Cossack culture. Stroll along the paths and be sure to visit the 30 m (100 ft) cliff at the north end of the island.

Folk Festival in Kamyanets-Podilskyi

The landscapes of a fabulous city can charm even an alien with an ancient castle and amazing Christmas caroling. If you are adventurous enough, think about a hot air balloon flight with your significant other.

Winter sea

Winter in Odessa is really special. Frosty wind and cold sea create an extraordinary romantic atmosphere. You can also go on a guided tour of the city.