10 Behaviors That Ruin Relationships

When we start a relationship, we devote all our time and love to a partner until it becomes a habit, and in some time people relax and are in a comfortable zone. And now it feels like you are going through a storm and seems like an iceberg hit your peace? And you are wondering how to not ruin a relationship, this article is for you.

Here are 10 toxic things that ruin a relationship:

  1. You want to be somewhere between single and still have someone to share your bed and feelings. You have your own plans, most of the time you spend with your friends going out to bars and restaurants, enjoying your singlehood. Successful relationship requires commitment and accountability of your significant one. It doesn’t mean you have to be 24/7 together, still you can have your own personal space, but it should take just a quarter of the whole time. If you are still willing to enjoy freedom, it is better to not to be in a couple, value another person`s time too.
  2. No compatibility will ruin the relationship. If you have no other interests except physical intimacy, it is not going to last. Building trust and having emotional intimacy is essential.
  3. Does lack of communication destroy a relationship? It definitely does. Communication is the key to happiness in a couple. If partners discuss different issues every single day and try to solve them on the spot, it will contribute to building trust, which is essential part. Doesn’t matter how long you have been together, you should speak to each other every day. Communication is not only about having fun with each other, also expressing your dislikes in order for both of you to grow. Withholding your frustration won`t lead to a happy end. If something hurts you, talk about it. Don`t assume things, you cannot read your partner`s mind. When you spend time together, maybe you are physically in the same room or restaurant, but are you really? Sexual fantasies…you shouldn`t keep it to yourself, share your preferences and desires. It will make you closer.
  4. Lack of affection can ruin a relationship too. What is affection in relationships? It is constant showing of your feelings through simple things. Kiss before you leave a house to work, send a warm text during the day saying: “I love you”, hug more often, touch each other gently, spark can fade with time, but if you put some efforts you can surely keep it for a long time. Love is a garden, which needs to be taken care of every day and nourishing. To increase physical affection, simply touch hands, it creates a strong bond. Just make it a part of your routine. Verbal tender expressions make your partner feel loved. Create sweet nicknames for each other.
  5. What nagging does to a relationship? It is urging an individual to complete previously discussed requests. If you have something to say, do it in a way that your partner understands you. It is not healthy to keep your emotions bottled up, but it is not healthy to spill frustration, negativity on a woman too. Instead of requesting the same things the third or fifth time without being heard, find out the reason why it is happening. You sometimes can be concern about your partner`s health and start nagging: quit smoking, drinking, eating French fries and it is good that you worry, but nagging won`t help here. You should think about other solutions to this problem. Exclude bad habits from your life first, show a good example. And remember you can control only your behavior and your own habits. When you constantly teach your partner, you turn into a parent. It can lead to both of you being distant and extremely unhappy. Sit and talk about what is happening.
  6. Dishonesty. It goes without saying. If you don`t have trust, find out the reason why. Maybe you just feel suspicious based on your negative previous experience. If the roots come from the past, you should deal with your anxiety and trust issues. Because it might ruin love. If your lady just wants to go out with her friends once a month, it is not a reason to be worried and feel insecure. Excessive emotions and insecurity may drive you to an unfortunate end.
  7. Avoiding fights. You think fights are bad, so you just run away when you hear she is angry at you. It is a part of your growth, fights are not about shouting and kicking each other. It is about talking, sometimes it can be uncontrollable causing raising a voice. But you should manage to bring it down in a constructive way.
  8. If you have noticed signs of overindulging in food or alcohol, you started checking porno sites more often, it is a red alert that something goes wrong. These are the red flags and high time to speak up.
  9. Sarcasm is what ruins relationship. A good sense of humor and witty mind is always good unless it comes to abusive behavior, crossing the borders and disrespect. When you use a lot of sarcasm, walls start building up between you. In order not to have a concrete wall, be careful with jokes and don`t turn fun into abuse.
  10. Excessive controlling. You might have a higher position at work and you got used to control people in all the departments, but outside of work, people are not working under you. Treat your partner equally and with a respect.

Keeping all above mentioned points in mind, you know now how to not ruin your relationship.