The first vacation with a girlfriend is a very important event in both your and her life. That is why, choosing the destination is something that you have to think over carefully.

Since it is your first holiday together, it has to be the one that you two will remember with pleasure, no matter how your relationship will develop. To make it such, you should consider the following:

  1. Choose the destination together with your Ukrainian girlfriend.
  2. Try not to insist on the places, which you have already visited, or whatever goes wrong, will be YOUR flaw.
  3. The place for the first vacation together with your Ukrainian girlfriend must not be too far away from Ukraine.
  4. The cost of the vacation must not be too high. This will let both you and the girl feel financially free.

Looking at our “things-to-consider” list, we could offer you to invite your Ukrainian girlfriend to one of the European cities, which will definitely meet all the above-mentioned demands and, especially, will not be expensive.

10 Best Destinations for the First Vacation with a Ukrainian girlfriend


Being one of the most beautiful as well as the cheapest European cities Krakow has always remained the main cultural and scientific centre of Poland. Fortunately, unlike Warsaw, it managed to survive WWII and most of antique buildings, which have retained their original beauty, will bring you to the times of the city’s past. You will see a lot of churches, Jagiellonian University and an enormous royal castle, which will not leave you emotionless.


If you want to have a good rest at a reasonable price this city is for you. You will definitely have a wonderful time walking around the city enjoying its classical architecture. Take a ride along the river Danube and see the delightful sightings of the most beautiful building in Europe – the Hungarian Parliament, walk across the Chain Bridge, take a walk in Budai Fortress and Fisherman’s Bastion and finally relax in one of the most famous thermal baths in Budapest. I am sure that you will never regret choosing this city.


Lisbon and its surroundings have a lot of beautiful and romantic places like castles, palaces and basilicas to see. It is a good place to go with a Ukrainian girlfriend as you will never get bored and have a lot of things to do and to see there.


Prague has become popular with tourists thanks to its cheap beer houses and the most wonderful historical city centre. With its numerous sights and historical monuments, Prague can rival the main European capital cities, while your stay here will cost you less than a visit to Paris or Amsterdam. The only problem is the high season, when Prague is packed with tourists, so it is better to choose the dates which are less popular, if you want to have a calm time there. Fortunately, this city is beautiful in every time of the year.

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If you and your Ukrainian girlfriend are fond of history, you must definitely visit this city. Lots of mosques, markets and breathtaking views of the Strait of Bosphorus will not leave both of you indifferent.

Картинки по запросу стамбул


This city is an ideal place for those, who do not have much time for a long vacation. So, if you have decided to spend a week-end with your Ukrainian girlfriend in a nice place, you must choose Athens. You will have enough time to visit the Parthenon and the Acropolis as well as relax on the beach, enjoy the warm sea and bask in the sun.

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This city, situated in the South of Croatia is known for its old city, surrounded by massive brick walls of XVI century. You will definitely spend the most romantic time there admiring numerous historical buildings, such as the barocco St. Blasius church, the renaissance Sponza palace, and the gothic Rector’s palace. You can also relax in one of numerous restaurants in Stradun Street. Oh, and of course, enjoy the fantastic Adriatic Sea together with your girlfriend.

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Despite being the capital of one of the richest countries in Europe, Berlin is a great place to have a good time at a reasonable price. This city will offer whatever you want to your taste as it is a mixture of the old and the new, the small historical streets and the big shopping malls with lots of entertainments. So, you will not have a moment to get bored.


This place could be a great choice for the first vacation with your Ukrainian girlfriend as it is a typical European city full of romantic street cafes, likeable squares, surrounded by antique buildings with tile roofs and cobblestone pavements. What is more, your girlfriend will definitely feel less stressed because there will be no language barrier for her in Riga, which may be also an interesting experience for you, if you do not speak Russian 😉


Nowadays Ljubljana is among the most popular European cities as there is everything for a romantic vacation: beautiful historical centre, good restaurants, and architectural landmarks, among which there is a well preserved medieval castle.

So, wherever you choose to go with your Ukrainian girlfriend, remember that your first ever vacation together must be as light as sea breeze. That is why, try not to make big plans or expectations, just enjoy your rest together with someone, who is dear to you.