10 Cute “Good Morning” Texts To Send Your Partner

Many of us ask the question: “How to start the day in order to make it successful, and go in a positive way?” A cup of aromatic coffee, of course, might invigorate, but it won’t motivate you to luck and success. But an SMS wishing good morning, and a successful time might play a decisive role. After all, short texts are not only ordinary letters, they carry a positive charge of energy and a lot of emotions. Receiving such a “surprise” at first light, you want to move mountains, share your wonderful mood with others.

You can send amazing flirty good morning texts to your loved one, undoubtedly, it is bound to make the world more amazing, even if the weather is cloudy outside. It is difficult to surprise with a piece of writing familiar to everyone in the modern world. But if a wish is written from the heart, contains poetry, beautiful romantic wishes, or erotic phrases, it will touch the soul, make your GF think about the deep strong feeling you are experiencing.

Speaking of lovers, as they say, the soul sings, so there is no need to come up with words, they are typed on the keyboard by themselves. Cute things to send your girlfriend, containing exciting phrases, are able to ignite passion between you. After all, your words testify to affection and sympathy.

So, what could be the sweetest good morning texts for her? Let us look at some examples.

  • I want to be near, beside you. To give you a sweet kiss and a hug. May the day be the one to bring you luck.
  • My darling, get up, a new day has begun! To the sweetest girl in the world, I forward my gentle kisses on the cheek!
  • I can’t give you the sun, or present flowers by phone, all that’s left is to write the message and leave a ray of warmth in your soul!

Show your own emotions, it’s so natural. A few lines of a good morning message for her that fit on the screen won’t be able to fully reveal your feelings and emotions, and erotic phrases could intrigue, make the addressee think about what has been written, and, of course, motivate to answer you back.

  • The start of the day is great only after those nights I spend hugging you. I want every day to be like this, and I wish you the same, dear!
  • I would like to wake up with, but alas, I cannot. Therefore, I have become a ray of sunshine caressing your lips, saying good morning to my love.
  • Somewhere a warm, gentle, kind, affectionate heart is beating, the owner of which is now reading these words. Open your eyes. Rise and shine, my dear.

Do not forget that simple wishes of a nice mood in the good morning texts for her is not less invigorating than coffee, and is able to bring a portion of positive emotions. In order to give a nice mood, you should not make serious efforts, but simply prepare a piece of writing in verse, prose, or with an attached picture.

Undoubtedly, such a good morning message for lovers could be regarded as a manifestation of care, respect, and, of course, love. Perhaps a simple email wishing you a fantastic time could be a way to brighten up a romantic relationship. Don’t try to find reasons to write an SMS, just do it without doubting the recipient’s reaction.

  • To be happy today: start your day with a smile and a delicious breakfast. And do not forget how much I love you, babe.
  • A new day is coming. Wake up soon. Open your eyes and hurry towards the fairy tale.

Messages for a good morning in prose or poetry are appropriate not only on weekdays but also on weekends. You should text before noon. To make it memorable add some pictures.

As an example, the image of a cup filled with hot coffee, as well as a small wish in prose, would help the girl see the world with different eyes. And even a gloomy, rainy time could be filled with warmth, illuminated by positive emotions. Do not forget to add cool emoticons at the end; these simple funny icons help express your emotional state and complete the sweetest good morning message ever.

  • Open your eyes, my dear. The day has got something in store. It smells like coffee and cookies, smells like a new adventure story.
  • The sun has already woken up, it only knows my secret: I miss you, and I dream of you alone!

Let the start of a new day begin with a huge portion of positive feelings, I wish you not only to send the cutest good morning texts for her but also to receive funny, romantic replies.

P.S. To tell the truth, it is not only the beginning of a new day that has to bring joy to your beloved. You could also remind her about your feelings at other times. Here are some ideas to help you with an emotional SMS:

  • I have never felt stronger feelings than love for you, my dear girl! With you, the world around is filled with colors. You won my heart at the first glance of your big brown/blue/green eyes.
  • And since that moment I could not think of anyone else. I would like to spend my days with you, I want to give you only happy moments. I want you to smile, my darling. Your smile illuminates everything with joy making the sun shine even brighter.

  • Your eyes are like two blue lakes, there is so much warmth and passion in them … Your lips are similar to rose petals; I want to touch them so much … Your blond hair, fluttering in the wind, is like ears of wheat on a fine summer day … Your graceful figure is magnificent … You are flawless!
  • Every hour, every minute, every second of my life is filled with thoughts of you, my beloved. I wake up and fall asleep thinking only of you alone. You are the best thing in my life. I am grateful to God that we met on that sunny spring day. I will do my best to always be together with you!
  • I want to be near and warm you, sheltering you tenderly and passionately from the whole world. I love your eyes and lips, your shoulders and arms. I dream of wandering the streets with you for a long time, listening to the gentle music of your voice.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.