10 Date Ideas for Christian Dating

Speaking of a relationship, everyone is equal. Nothing matters. However, religion has its own rules, which I would like to discuss in this article and give some dating ideas for Christians.

  1. Stop tracking down the “one”.
  2. When a person is in search of the “one”, they hope to get a perfect person. But having found some flaw in the ideal, they have to move on to find someone else, more perfect. Still, the beauty of marriage sustains us despite our flaws. And our own imperfection, as well as the imperfection of our beloved, should lead us to think about the One Who is truly ideal – Lord.

  3. Go on a rendezvous without thinking of marriage.
  4. There is no point in a love relationship without intending to get married. Still, the best of Christian date ideas is not to expect you will marry after the first evening out. On the other hand, it is quite understandable such meetings are needed to get to know each other better so that later it does not turn out “everything is not the way it seemed.”

  5. Don’t have romantic meetings with non-Christians.
  6. Holiness is the ultimate goal of creating a family. If you start seeing non-Christians, it is possible you depart from God later. Some people might think it’s a great thought to flirt to transform someone, still, the love world is not a missionary place.

  7. Have the list of values and do not let your standards drop.
  8. Definitely, it is not a dating fun idea, but it is vital never to compromise your faith and values in an effort to adapt to anyone. Define your primary and secondary values and choose the candidates accordingly.

  9. Don’t try to kill two birds with one stone.
  10. There is no need to ask many girls out, in the hope that at least 5 of them will agree and come and then one of these five can become your wife.

  11. It’s okay to want to get married.
  12. It is normal when people pray and ask God to send them a spouse, but this desire should not consume your whole life. Be patient.

  13. It’s okay not to want to get married.
  14. If people do not want it or they need more time before creating a social unit, it is not a sin.

  15. Communicate with people of your religion and listen to them.
  16. Feelings can be deceiving. If this is the case, other people you trust and who have the same values as you will help you recognize problems you do not see yourself when you are inside an emotional storm. So, if you need the best idea for a date, you know who to address.

  17. Strive for the purity of mind.
  18. When you agree that sex before marriage is wrong, and virginity is the most important thing in such an alliance, some believers turn to pornography. Therefore, you must strive to make your mind pure, which requires discipline, restraint, and refraining from actions, which do not contribute to holiness.

  19. Do not continue relationships if you depend on someone in matters you need to depend only on God.
  20. You should not see the partner as Lord. They don’t have to rely on their significance in the eyes of their spouses to have joy, peace, and purpose, because only God, who must be the center of your life, gives them.

Despite being so strict, religion is about making your life better, so planning a romantic evening out with a beautiful lady, take into account the points listed above as well as find the ways how to be fun on a date. No matter what, the main objective is to enjoy yourself, isn’t it?

Valeria Matskevich With Love.