10 Dating Ideas For Summer

What is your favorite season? If I were asked this question, I would definitely answer it is summer. Why? That’s because summer nights are full of romance and present the best time during which couples refresh their relationship and add a bit of cool light breeze to it.

There is even a song in Russian called “Summer is like a small life within your life”. What does it mean? Whatever happens during these hot nights and days is absolutely romantic and really worth living through it.

So, if you have been wondering where to take a girl for a date, in our article you could find a number of summer dating hints in our beautiful city Kharkiv.

  1. The first outdoor date idea that comes to my mind is visiting one of the most beautiful places in our city – Gorky Park. There you can find a lot of romantic places, but the best idea is to have a ride on the biggest Ferris Wheel in Ukraine. It might be a great surprise for your lady and, if you have your first kiss at the height of 55 meters above the ground, it will undoubtedly be the one to remember.
  2. If you need a quick date idea, take this suggestion. Dinner on the roof of a tower block. The variety of activities will not let anyone get bored: you can arrange anything, starting with a quick meal and a glass of champagne and finishing with watching a romantic film or just looking at the stars while dating at night. Such pastime next to a dear person can’t be compared to anything else
  3. Walking along the river bank is also among the cute things to do with your girlfriend. Speaking of our city, the best place to do it is the embankment park called “Strelka”, where you can relax in a nice café, or hire a boat and take your beautiful lady on a ride along the river, which is quite sweet, especially during the sunset.
  4. If two of you like nature and romance, one of the best date ideas for summer is going on a horse ride together. There won’t be any problems finding where to do it, as Kharkiv has a lot of equestrian centers, which may help you forget about everyday problems and enjoy a day in nature.

    10 Dating Ideas

  5. Quite a simple but not less efficient way to have a good time for couples is to organize a picnic in the countryside. Just you, your soulmate, and beautiful scenery around. Isn’t it wonderful?
  6. Have you been trying to invent fun ideas for summer? Check out the following option! A flight on a hot air balloon. What could be more unusual and entertaining? Still, not to spoil the impression, make sure that your girlfriend is not afraid of height.
  7. Do you want to add some adrenalin to your relationship? Then paragliding or a parachute jump is among the perfect date ideas. Such a pastime could be organized in a small village Korotych, not far from Kharkiv. Both you and your better half will literally fly on the wings of love.
  8. In case you like height, but think air balloon or parachuting is too extreme, taking a ride on a cable car is exactly what you need. Considering the fact that the endpoint of its root is Gorky park, you combine two hints from our list.
  9. It is hardly possible to imagine summer without beach time. Why not organize a romantic meeting near one of Kharkiv pools, which will give you a chance not only to relax in the sun, enjoying the soft sand and cool water but also to organize a stunning “Miami-style” date.
  10. If you want your lady to feel like a princess, you must take her to the castle! You can find such a place in the village Sharovka, not far from our city. Outstanding emotions are guaranteed and organizing a romantic photoshoot so that you and your girl get good memories would make them even better.

Now that you are “all-armed and dangerous”, the only thing I have to do is wish to be fresh, daring, creative and enjoy every moment of your relationship.

Valeria Matskevich With love