People don`t like to be rejected. Why some people are afraid of going on a date and meeting new people? Because there is the chance that you can be rejected and won`t get the opportunity to meet her for the second date. It`s very important to make a good impression in the beginning of relationship and don`t make the common dating mistake that can turn your date off on “getting to know you” phase.

There are 10 common dating mistakes to avoid         

Dating Mistake #1 Waiting for the first step from a lady. I know that nowadays it won`t be a big deal if a woman invite you for dinner or drink. But still don`t lose the opportunity to show your masculinity and make the first step.

Dating Mistake #2 Not preparing for a date. If you are going on a date with a girl from a different culture will be nice from you to read some information about the country and its traditions not to get into uncomfortable situation.       

Dating Mistake #3 Sharing the bill on the first dates. Notice please that now I`m talking about the dates with Slavic women. They are less emancipated and don`t get used to share the bill. Believe me they put so many efforts in preparation for the dates and will not understand if they need to pay a restaurant bill as well.

Dating Mistake #4 Talking and not listening. All of us like to talk about ourselves. But you shouldn`t forget that the purpose of a date is to get to know the person but not to sell yourself. Try to ask more questions, listen the answers and what is important to remember the information you have got. A lady will be really impressed when you show her later that you remember the name of her cat or sort of her favorite flowers.   

Dating Mistake #5 Not having a plan. If you like the lady you have already been on several dates with, you will need a plan. A woman needs to know where all these dates lead to. She won`t waste her time on a man who doesn`t know what he wants.   

Dating Mistake #6 Rushing things up. It`s not the best idea to invite a lady to your mom`s birthday party for the third date. You might scare her off. Take it easy.   

Dating Mistake #7 Not concentrating on the date. Try not to use your smartphone during the date. Don`t put your phone on the table, turn off the sound and stay focused on the lady.   

Dating Mistake #8 Pretending someone else. You should understand that when you pretend to be someone else you won`t be able to play this role forever. Sooner or later the cat`s out of the bag. Later it will be more painful. One of the best advice is to be yourself.     

Dating Mistake #9 Jumping to conclusions. You don`t know a person until you live with her, travel with her or walk in her shoes. Don`t judge a lady from the first minutes, give her a chance to open up.     

Dating Mistake #10 Waiting for the One. No one is perfect. Don`t look for the perfection. It doesn`t exist. Look for your soul mate, for a person you will feel comfortable with. Look beyond appearance and choose the right soul to share the life with.