If you are still single and looking for your soul mate, love of your life, your second half I assume you will know what matchmaking process is, who professional matchmaker is and what she/he does.

For people who don`t know yet, professional matchmaker is a person who arrange the process of matching two people together, usually for the purpose of marriage. In other words, Matchmaker is a cupid, a person who took the most ancient and noble profession. Professional matchmaker is a highly experienced certificated mediator in love who guides you on the path towards happiness and love.

Professional matchmaker is your coach as well, she/he will guide you and give you useful tips and tricks and support you during the whole matchmaking process.

There are 10 dating tips from professional matchmaker:

  • Look out of your box. Time to time I have a client with the specific requirements to the future date and he truly believes that he needs exactly what he imagined in his head. Professional matchmaker with the experience of so many years can have a totally different opinion about it and suggests you to meet a lady who is a teacher with dark hair and green eyes instead of a tall super model with blonde hair. Give a try, be open-minded, you will never know until you give it a chance. Look further, I saw so many clients who falls in love with the total opposite of the picture in their heads.  
  • Be realistic. If a man in his 60s looking for a 20s years old wife who will love him for his personality but not money, usually a professional matchmaker will have to refuse a client like that. Be realistic in your requirements and evaluate your chances correctly.
  • Make dating a priority. Take a matchmaking process seriously. There is never the right time for arranging your private life, there are always more important tasks and projects how we used to think. Don`t wait too long and find time for yourself, invest in your future.    
  • Look beyond the looks. Values of a person are more important than the appearance. It is always possible to change the look of a lady, her hair color or change outfits but the personality and mindset of a person almost impossible to change.  
  • Give your date second chance. All of us were on the first date and know how tense and nerves it can be. Sometimes we can act strange because of the pressure and it`s so difficult to make the right impression. That`s why we should be more kind to each other and give an extra chance to your potential second half. Don`t judge on the first date.    
  • Enjoy a matchmaking process. Be open and friendly. Don`t have the very high expectations. Have fun during the matchmaking process. Go on a date with the positive attitude, nobody likes moody people. Don`t forget to take your sense of humor with you on a date. Enjoy meeting new people, even if you don`t feel the mutual chemistry maybe you will become good friends for life.
  • Be prepared for a date. Show your appreciations to a lady and bring her flowers on a date. It will help you to win the lady over and show her your serious intentions. You should show up in a proper outfit and look clean and fresh.
  • Listen to your matchmaker. Your matchmaker is your coach, your friend and your partner in crime on the dating field. It`s very important to trust and listen to your matchmaker, take the advice he/she gives you. You play in one team, remember it!
  • Say compliments. Be attentive to the lady on a date, say compliments to her look. Believe me, she put so much effort to look like that and it would be nice if you admitted it.
  • Be yourself. Don`t pretend to be someone else, tell the truth and smile more.       

With love, your professional matchmaker