Having holidays together is quite a challenge both for the couples, who have been together for a long time and for those, who have just started dating. However, if you follow the tips from our matchmaker, you will have a good rest and enjoy being with each other.

Dating tip from matchmaker #1. Discuss the possible variants of your holidays.

If you have been together for a long time, you already know what both of you like. However, if you have just started dating you have to discuss the details of your holidays thoroughly. Ask the lady what she expects from your vacation and tell how you would like to spend it. Even if your interests differ, you will have a chance to find a compromise and will not have any unpleasant surprises while being on holiday.

Dating tip from matchmaker #2. Avoid arguments and quarrels.

If during the holidays you start feeling negative emotions, do not hurry to shower them at each other. First answer to the questions: who is with me, where am I, what  is the aim of this relationship? If you understand that the woman you are with is dear to you, you are having rest with her and your aim is to avoid conflict and save the relationship, your negative emotions will fade away and you will avoid the quarrel.

Dating tip from matchmaker #3. Try to negotiate and agree.

During the holidays your wishes can be different: she may want to relax in the sun, while you want to go on an excursion. This is when you will have to find the way to agree on what to do. Having discussed your preferences, you can find a compromise: today you spend time on the beach and tomorrow go sightseeing. Being able to discuss such things is very important as both of you will feel the partner’s attentive attitude.

Dating tip from matchmaker #4. Do not “chain” the lady to yourself.

It is understandable that going on holidays together you might want to spend 24 hours next to each other, especially if you have just started relationship. However, despite this, you must not insist on the girl’s total devotion to you. If she wants to read a book for an hour, or watch a film on the laptop, let her do this. In other case, she will not feel free, which will have a negative effect both on your holiday mood and the future relationship.

Dating tip from matchmaker #5. Leave your problems at home.

If you are in relationship for a long time, or even if it is your first vacation together, leave all your personal problems like work and other things at home. Your task here is to have fun, relax and enjoy being with each other.

Dating tip from matchmaker #6. Do not critisize each other.

Some couples like critisizing each other and cannot praise their partners. Praise is very important. Being on holiday together try to say something good like “Thank you for making coffee for me; letting me sleep till late…” even if your criticism is fair, it will make the girl think she is not good enough for you, or think that you are not a match for her, which will not help your relationship.

Dating tip from matchmaker #7. Do not get into “financial disputes”.

While on holiday, couples may have a lot of financial conflicts. Not to let this happen, it is important to discuss the financial issues before going somewhere. So, if you said that you would pay for the rest, keep your word and do not get angry, when the girl orders an extra cocktail. If you decide to share the expences for the holiday, decide what you want to pay for.

Dating tip from matchmaker #8. Avoid failed expectations.

Do not expect that your lady will always be in good mood. She is a human being, whose mood can change, she may feel bad, etc. Of course, you will feel better, if she tells you about it. Still, do not get frustrated if at some moment your girl will not behave the way you have imagined.

Dating tip from matchmaker #9. Be calm about unforseen developments.

When you are going on holiday, be ready to face some unforseen situations. The hotel is not that good, your luggage has been lost… Do not make it a global problem and spoil both your and your partner’s mood. Switch to positive thoughts. The main thing is that now you are together. All the problems can be solved an they are not worth your time.

Dating tip from matchmaker #10. Stay a real gentleman.

In any situation, do not lose self-control and behave in a calm way. You did quarrel with the girl, she is not a match for you, she has shown the other side of herself… This is not the reason to turn into a savage. Discuss the situation and if it is not possible to continue the rest as a couple, try to breathe out and stay friends till the end of the vacation. Not possible? Then remember: YOU are the only one, who decides either to get offended and spoil the holiday, or relax and enjoy the time.