10 Different Types of Kisses

A kiss is a cute trick invented by nature
to stop a conversation when words become redundant.
Author unknown…

I think each of us remembers the first time it finally happens to you; the magic moment you finally press your lips to the ones of someone you really like. Unbelievable such a small action has the power to make a person fall in love with you and at the same time to push them away. That’s why it’s important to own a special technique and know what types of kissing are appropriate at various stages of a relationship and what their meaning is. Let us look at some of them closer.

The Starter. It’s always an exhilarating moment for both of you and the most important of the kisses in love relationships, whose development totally depends on what happens during the first touch of your lips. So, it’s vital to be prepared: take a shower, shave clean, use perfume, and have a fresh breath. Try to catch the signals from the woman to understand if she is ready to make this step. If she keeps looking at your mouth, bites the lower lip, or licks the upper one, she might be giving you the green light. For the first time, it’s better to buss your dear tenderly, softly, and slightly. Don`t forget to hug your dear.

A Romantic Breeze. It would be great to come up with your own idea of a romantic game of kissing, or you can use some movie scenarios. Every time you and your girlfriend debate, you can use the “romantic breeze” to defuse the situation. The most common way to do it is grabbing your lady, leaning her almost to the ground and kissing. She won’t be able to continue arguing after such a thrilling act of showing your emotions.

An Emotional Smooch. Gently put your hands on your woman’s cheeks, look deep into her eyes, and say how special she is and how you are madly in love with her, then press your lips to hers.

The French Method. It’s the best of kissing ways showing endearment, passion, and desire. Frenching helps to keep things hot between you. The slower the sexier is the most vital of the main tips.

A Lingering Lip Smackeroo. This “guy” shows deep feelings, devotion, and respect for your lady. It is also is usually common in airports and train stations when couples are saying “goodbye” to each other.

A Shoulder Peck. This little “fellow” usually leads to lovemaking. Start with a peck on the girl’s shoulder, and continue with the kiss on the neck meaning you kind of invite your girl to make a further step.

A Rain Caress. Life is beautiful. If you and your sweetheart are caught in the rain, don’t miss the opportunity to caress each other in the rain. It is a different way to kiss, which will leave long-lasting unforgettable memories.

A Mark. It is also known as a “Hickey” and is one of the game kisses used in case a man wants to show others the girl isn’t single. However, be careful as some ladies find it inappropriate and even offensive.

A Wall Snog can help to spice your relationship up. What you need to do is pin up your girlfriend against the wall with your body, lean on her, and snog passionately.

An Angel Cuddle. How to describe kissing of this kind? All you need to do is to touch your partner’s eye edge gently with your lips. By doing so, you show you take care of your lady, ready to be the protector, and will be there whenever she needs it.

Now that you know the meanings of kisses, we would like to share 10 fascinating facts about this uncomplicated act you have hardly ever known:

  1. Kisses are good for our health as they strengthen our immune system and keep us fit (during a passionate smooch we burn 26 calories; while walking burns only 4-5 calories).
  2. An average person spends about a fortnight kissing throughout their life.
  3. Men who buss their wives every morning live longer than the ones, who do not do it. So, leaving in the morning, remember to kiss your beloved in such a way, that she would look forward to your returning home all day long.
  4. “Kama Sutra” describes more than 30 different types of kisses.
  5. The longest smackeroo world record is held by the Thais, who spent osculating 58 hours 35 minutes and 58 seconds non stop in 2013.
  6. The first “screen” peck was shot in 1896 by the Edison company. The kissing scene lasted for 30 seconds.
  7. The movie containing the biggest number of smooches (127) is “Don Juan”, 1926.
  8. The way of cuddling in movies has changed during the period of 40 years because of censorship.
  9. King Henry VI forbade kissing in England on 16 July 1439 to prevent the spread of plague around the country.
  10. People started writing “XOXO” at the end of a message in the previous century. X – means two successive kisses, and O symbolizes open lips.

Finally, I want you to remember the absence of kisses is the first sign of dying passion. Although sex can continue, the desire to kiss someone proves your true feelings. Therefore, in spite of your age, you must start and finish your day with a kiss. If it happens every day throughout your life, you are a happy person.

Valeria Matskevich With love