10 Easy Ways to be More Dateable

Is it psychologically difficult to open up to a person you still don`t know? Yes, it might be difficult in some way. It is not always easy to engage in a conversation with a new person, be entertaining, witty and relaxed at the same time. But some people are, what is key to their success? Dateability. It means a level of being attractive to opposite sex. What does dateable mean and what makes a guy dateable and how to be more dateable? I am going to share with you answers to all these questions.

  1. Looks. The first impression is judged by appearance. Later on a lady is going to look into your soul, habits and hobbies. Females as well as males admire good-looking people, it means that a person knows the style, his clothes are always appropriate and neat. The way you look is the way you present yourself to the world. If you respect yourself, you will never go out with dirty messy hair, stained clothes and inappropriate look. Put some attractive male accessories. They should look modest but distinct, which will highlight your personality. Let your personal hygiene be always at high standards. It is not only a female obligation to take care of nails, make up and hairstyle. It is good you don`t have to bother about everyday make up, but you should do such simple things as trimming your nails, wash your hair, wear clean clothes.
  2. Being approachable. You are open for a conversation and you show interest in other people`s lives, not only focusing on yours. It is good to listen and not only talk all the time.
  3. Ability of giving compliments to opposite sex. Your endearment words are always up to the point. You know where and when to use compliments. It is also an art.
  4. Art of having a conversation. Use of open questions which require more open answer rather than just Yes or No. Ability of finding topics which will be interesting for both parties, relevant to the place of meeting and the number of dates.
  5. Art of avoiding sensitive topics like politics, religion and ex partners. You shouldn`t gossip and give mean comments about situations or other people. It is not good feature of a man to gossip.
  6. Confidence and responsibility. The way you talk, if your words coincide with actions. It means a lot for a lady.
  7. Being a friend. Building friendly relationship is more important than passion. Passion comes and goes with time, but loyal trustworthy partnership stays forever.

Summarizing all above mentioned, you have an idea how to become dateable. Taking into consideration all the points, you can estimate yourself how dateable you are. If you are not satisfied enough, you should work on it and improve your skills.

How to make yourself more dateable?

  1. Start working on your appearance, enroll in the gym. Exercise and take care of your diet, eat healthy food. Until you like your reflection in the mirror, don`t stop improving.
  2. Find an occupation which brings you not only wealth, but also moral satisfaction. Women adore men who are proud of their job, who are successful in the sphere they chose. If there is no opportunity to change a job, find an interesting hobby. You should learn how to enjoy life and take the most pleasures of it and then you can share your passion with another person.
  3. Practice keeping up the conversations with opposite sex, so that she can feel excited and involved. Males do like different topics, which excite them: cars, weapons, computer games. Leave it for your male friends. It doesn’t mean you have to talk about make up and dress brands, but you should find some common topics that will be mutually interesting.
  4. Practice your charm, wittiness and flirting. Practice makes it perfect.
  5. Expand your circle of friends. Make friends with females too, either it is a colleague or a lady whom you met in the gym. By communicating with opposite sex more, you will know their nature and behavior. So you will know how to make them laugh, what topics are interesting for them. You will be surrounded by female energy and it helps you to be more confident.
  6. Have a habit of reading a new book or watching a new movie at least once per month, so that you always have something new to share. By feeding your brain on a regular basis you contribute to developing yourself and always being a meaningful communicator.
  7. Leave your comfort zone sometimes. Stability is good, but from time to time you should shake your routine up.
  8. Don`t be embarrassed of your flows. Admit and accept them as a part of you. No one is perfect.
  9. Work on your bad habits. Some habits such as smoking, drinking, procrastinating, being late might be fought if you put some efforts.
  10. Find a purpose of your life. Living without any dreams and goals is just existence. Be unique.

Define and ask yourself first: How dateable am I? If it is on the scale from 1 to 10 stopped somewhere around 6 and less, start working on yourself and you are going to achieve your goal!

I am sure this article helped you to find out how to be more dateable, so don`t hesitate and don`t put off something that can be done today.