What not to do while flirting?

My dear reader, you already know some rules of flirting and understand exactly what to do. However, we have not told you about what NOT to do when flirting with a girl. Therefore, we offer you to look through the list of top 10 fails.
If you were quite attentive, you understood that flirt is a certain way of communicating with the girl you like; so to be successful, it is enough not to say or discuss the following things:


  1. Talk about your failures. Of course, you must be sincere, however, flirt is fun and enjoyment, its main aim is to get the lady interested in you. Do you think that a sad story will make the lady think something other than: “He is so miserable! If he faces problems in the future, he is likely to avoid solving them, but will only whine and complain like a real loser.”
  2. Complain. This topic is close to the previous one. This time, you could get into complaining about your present. Trying to win the girl’s heart, you must be a real man, self-confident, and who can go through any difficulties. Only strong people keep their troubles to themselves without telling anyone and get over them with dignity.
  3. Complain about women. One of my dates said “My ex- was a real b…ch! She was stupid and could not cook well. She was not a patch on you!” Seriously? Of course, I was pleased to hear that I am so cool, but… Calling other women in your life swear names you let your present lady understand that she can also be stupid, ugly, dumb when you have some problems. Moreover, if you say bad things, you prove to be a loser. You chose your ex-yourself, so you must take responsibility! In my personal opinion, this is one of the worst fails, which could happen.
  4. Boast about your achievements. You have to tell how good you are, but… it is very important not to overdo with that and get into boasting. Do not wait for praise and do not try to look better than you really are. Successful men do not shout about their successes to the world and they do not need compliments and approval. If you want to interest the girl and not distract her from you, it is enough to say a few words about your achievements, but do not go too far not to make her think that you compete.
  5. Talk about yourself only. This is, probably, the worst of the worst fails. How can a man forget that there is a beautiful lady next to him and keep talking about himself? She does not ask anything, but you continue your tales… She is yawning, looking at the watch, but you do not notice… You are such an interesting narrator! Nope… that won’t do. Flirt means that you have a dialogue, not monologue. You have to show that you are interested in her too.
  6. Health problems. Nobody has perfect health. As doctors say: “There are no healthy people. There are people, who are unexamined.” But please, do not talk about it with the girl, you are flirting to. This makes you look boring, as well as tells the girl you are unlikely to have healthy offspring. Females instinctively choose men for themselves, so if men tell they are not healthy, they automatically become uninteresting to women.
  7. Ask boring questions. “How many hours a day do you have to work?” She answers “Eight. Like everyone.” You have nothing to comment and just keep silence… Banal, boring, having no sense questions lead to flirt fails, so you should leave them for other people, who you do not see as your girlfriend.
  8. Say too many compliments. It is quite nice to hear a couple of compliments about oneself, however there is a limit . If you shower your girl with compliments, she will get tired and… bored again. If you want to compliment someone, say something at the right time.
  9. Talk about your picking up a woman or sharing your secrets of seduction. Men, who are not professional pick-uppers, often suffer flirt fails telling about their hunting for women. We advise you not to tell the girl how you are going to seduce her, even if you are bursting with happiness that you have managed to begin flirting with her. You do not tell the fish which bait you are using to catch it, do you?
  10. Talk about men interests. Of course, there are females, who like beer and football, but… Not everyone supports them. Let the men’s stay with men, so it is better to discuss something, which the girl will definitely like, choose some common topic.
  11. Calling bad names. Do not confuse it with teasing in a positive way, which builds strong sexual bond and excites both of you. When it crosses all the limits and doesn`t not show you from a good side, it is not a good idea. Maybe you think it is too hilarious to tease her in a rude way, it is not. I am going to share a story from my personal life. I was working with a guy, who seemed to like me, but probably he chose a bad strategy of teasing. Every time I was passing by, he was giving weird comments as for my body and it was not funny at all. Teasing should be playful and reciprocal, not hurtful. Our common colleague was insisting that he liked me, he was just shy to tell it directly. But I doubted it very much.

Are there any situations when it is better not to flirt? In inappropriate places, it might be considered rude. When I was travelling to Abu-Dhabi with my female friend, we went to a mosque. Before entering a mosque, ladies are given national clothes and there is a security who observes everyone and makes remarks in case the rules are violated. You are not allowed to take a picture without a scarf on your head or in inappropriate positions. Even though it is a tourist attraction, it is still a sacred place. So we were walking with my friend and were taking pictures when a gentleman approached us. He started to flirt, saying something like: “ Gorgeous ladies in a gorgeous place and all by themselves”. It seemed really weird, he offered to take a picture of us two. It was nice of him. But then he said: “Now I have to have the same photo with you both too on my phone”. Then he started to ask my phone number. It was too persistent, I politely asked him to leave, but he insisted. You should know when and where it is appropriate to give compliments to a female.

One more story from my personal life, which shows you how not to do. I was travelling by bus, it was crowded and hot inside. I was standing close to the driver and a gentleman stood next to me. He turned to me and said: “Pretty hot outside, isn`t it?” First, I didn`t understand to whom he was talking. He kept on looking at me, so I had to reply. I said: “Yes, it is”. Then he decided to keep the conversation going: “So maybe it is too hot in such boots, even though they are beautiful. What is your name?” Thank God my sister rang me and I talked to her the whole journey. He was twice my age and it was not appropriate at all. It is good to take the initiative sometimes, but you have to think before saying something to someone.

Finally, choose the topics for discussion, which will grip both you and the girl, ask what the girl likes to do in life, what her hobbies are and you will have a chance to develop the communication.